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Shit Man! My Tooth Fell Out!

Dammit! There I was enjoying the very last piece of my Baskin Robins’ Mocha

We Gots Boids!

Two baby grackles happened to find themselves without a home after the last big

Reporter Detained In Ottawa On Orders Of Bilderberg Group

15 hours of hell at the hands of immigration who knew they were coming

Open Letter to the Canadian Mainstream Media

By Dave Patterson – Jun 6, 2006, 00:53 I have a couple of questions about

Lexington Blues – Back On Stage!

Well, it has been a very, very long time, but Lexington Blues returned to

Damn, He Is THEE Man.

Charles Bukowski. He always was, and still is, THEE man. Seek him out. Know

New Art Idea – Pavlov’s Troll (working title)

So, I’ve gotten an idea for a new art piece. It’s a performance piece

Your Country is Already Gone.

Your country is lost. It’s time to either start fighting… or, just get used

Can There Really Be Any Reasonable Doubt Anymore?

First, watch the first video. And, realize that the man in the video (not

Can you believe how much Rogers sucks?

So, I was taking out my garbage this morning, and I noticed three bright

I don’t know why Wayne filmed this…

But, he did!   This is just Bill and I hashing out a set-list

Just Say No To Family Values

JUST SAY NO TO FAMILY VALUES, by John Giorno… reprinted here, only because John

Rogers Sucks!

Fuck Ted Rogers! Fuck him in the ass! Fuck the corporate institution of Rogers

You Went and Did it, Didn’t You?

Man, a lot of you Canadians are real fuckin’ stupid, ain’t ya? After watching

Yup! I Think That Just About Says It!

Fear Factor is the Debbil!!!

Here’s what I hate about reality T.V. shows like Fear Factor and Survivor: They

A Belated Holiday Greeting From Santa Claus

Yes, I realize that it’s a little late… but, in case you happened to

People That I Made Up…

Over at they have a little on-line flash program that sort of replicates

Happy New-Year!

It’s January first, two-thousand and six. Hey! Just six more years to go until

High Strangeness on Meadowlands Drive

Once, about ten years ago or so, I witnessed something quite out of the

Pizza Hut SUCKS!

Anna and I tried to order a pizza the other night. It didn’t work