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What Makes you Think Michael Richards is a Racist?

Get over it people. Move on! It’s really no big deal. I’m pretty sure

Heather Crowe – A False Martyr?

By: Son of Gaia Heather Crowe, the long-time waitress who allegedly contracted lung cancer

Is Lowell Green a Prostitute?

Check out the new entry at “Kill Everything”

Richard Dawkins, the So-Called “Brights”, Scientism, and Other General Douchebaggery – A Rant

Richard Dawkins is an ass. I mean, come on! Are you going to sit

Intelligent Design – a Simple Analogy For Those That Don’t Yet Get It. And, a Message.

Lets say I go into a casino and begin playing black-jack. Lets say that

Fuck HBO!!!!

FUCK YOU HBO!!!! Lucky Louie AND Deadwood??? FUCK YOU! Ok, Lucky Louie saddened me

Stop Fucking Spamming Me Already!

In the last 24 hours I’ve received 1,523 spam e-mail messages. My spam blocker

Fascists? Look Who’s Talking!

By Jim Lobe — Asia Times (WASHINGTON) – The aggressive new campaign by the

End Women’s Suffrage

You might think that this video appears cute, humorous, or just silly, but let

Apologies From a Canadian Muslim Inspired by CFRA’s Lowell Green Show

I’m Sorry … Apologies from a Canadian Muslim inspired by CFRA‘s Lowell Green show

Reading Suggestions for August 21st, 2006

Five Years After 9/11, Fear Finally Strikes Out As the election campaign quickens, genuine

Reading Suggestions for August 9th, 2006

The Brilliantly Profitable Timing of the Alaska Oil Pipeline Shutdown Is the Alaska Pipeline

Gibson vs. Coulter

Dr. Dawg over at Dawg’s Blog has posted a brilliant article regarding Ann Coulter

Children Arrested, DNA Tested, Interrogated and Locked Up… For Playing in a Tree!

By KHUSHWANT SACHDAVE / Daily Mail To the 12-year-old friends planning to build themselves

HIV Does Not Cause AIDS?

Everybody just knows that HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, right? Perhaps… But!

Are We Being Shafted by Cell Phone Providers?

Why exactly is data transfer over cellular networks so damned expensive? I mean, it’s


“Brian Springer spent a year scouring the airwaves with a satellite dish grabbing back

More Weird Night Sky Happenings – Help Me!

Ok, so. As some people who regularly visit this blog know, I’m a big

Think You’re Awake? …Think Again!

This is called a “fasces.” It’s an ancient Roman symbol. It’s where we get

Why Do So Many Republicans Seem To Love Fucking Children So Much?

Wes Penre over at has done some marvelous work in compiling a list

Important Information for Homeowners – WAKE THE FUCK UP!

It is absolutely amazing to me how so many people truly understand so little