Weird Video Investigation – Satanic Human Sacrifice Ritual

So, recently, a friend of mine showed me a rather bizarre video. My friend claimed it was an actual video of a Satanic ritual being performed — a ritual wherein a person is sacrificed / murdered on-screen. He claimed that it was found on “the deep web” and was all very sinister and, as far as he was concerned, quite likely authentic.

Satanic ritual sacrifice video

I viewed the video. And, while I did think it had an intriguing ‘creepy’ factor to it, and I rather enjoyed it as a creative, artistic work, I was immediately highly skeptical as to its authenticity. People in the video, at times, to me, appeared to be acting — although (while there is foreign language voice-over narration — Spanish, I think) there is no dialogue spoken by anyone appearing on-screen at any time. The film, in fact, presents itself as a very old (perhaps meant to be taking in place in the 1940’s, or 1950’s — judging by wardrobe) silent ‘home movie’ sort of film. However, facial expressions and visual reactions that take place at times throughout the film on the part of some of the people appearing in the film, at times appeared to me to be the work of actors and not actually genuine, sincere human expression.

Along with that, the aged look of the film appeared to me to be an affectation — not genuine. The film appears in a sepia tone and, to my eye, at least (an eye with extensive experience in the graphic arts, mind you) the appearance of the film looked to be intentionally and purposefully aged — newer 8mm film which has been affected to give the appearance of old film. Although, not absolutely horribly, unconvincingly done — as is, in my experience, very often the case when people attempt to artificially age the appearance of film or video — but still immediately noticeable, at least to someone with an eye used to such things.

With these things alone I was fairly close to convinced that the film was not actually genuine. But, like I said, it did have a substantial creepy factor about it — which I’m always very attracted to in creative works. So, I needed to find out what the story on this thing was. I began to investigate with the hopes of discovering its origin. And, as it turns out, I was successful in so doing.

Apparently, this footage has been making the rounds across the Internet as of late. Many people have now seen it and many, doubtless, are under the impression that it depicts an actual Satanic, black-magic ritual wherein someone is actually sacrificed / murdered on-screen. In case you haven’t seen the footage I’m talking about, below is a copy of it from YouTube that you can view. It runs about seven minutes in length:

The clip is often referred to as: “Ritual de Ressuscitação Satanico

Of course, the film above is not authentic at all. With a little investigation I was able to find out that it’s actually a clip from a 2001 movie titled “The Black Door” (Or, “La Puerta Negra” in its non-translated, original language). The movie is a fictional work and apparently (I haven’t seen it yet) shot in the style of a documentary — so, the film itself sort of purports to be real, when it isn’t — à la “The Blair Witch Project“, or some such thing. I am intrigued by it, and I’d like to see it (and probably will) if I can locate an English language dubbed, or sub-titled, source for the film.

Unfortunately, the general consensus regarding this movie seems to be that it’s pretty much a huge, steaming pile of shit. But, far be it from me to let something as fickle as a general public consensus influence me in my movie viewing decisions. If I had a nickel for every-time I’d heard a significant consensus regarding the unwatchability of some movie and then I watched it to find that it actually, at least, wasn’t a half bad flick, or even pretty damned good… well… I’d probably have a half a buck, or something, at least. I mean, c’mon — everyone says “Neighbors” is shit. I love that fucking movie!

Anyway, in case you’ve happened upon this video while it has been making the rounds and it was presented to you as being an authentic depiction of a Satanic ritual human sacrifice, found in the darkest and foulest basements of the deep-web, from whence such odoriferous things are known to spawn, well, now you know. It’s not. It’s actually just a scene from a movie. That is all.

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