Freebie Fridays! Design Freebie #9: Free Wood / Cork-like Texture!

Ok, so it has been a little more than five years since I did the last ‘Freebie Friday’… (Yikes! Half a freakin’ decade? Has it really been that long? Time flies, Man! Scary!) Anyway, yeah, I’ve let it slide a bit. Oh well. Anyway, I’ve just got this site back up and running since the major hacker-related server crash that occurred last month, (Wow! This blog managed to make it for eleven years before its first major outage! Not too shabby!) and I figure, in order to commemorate the triumph, I’d post a brand new Freebie Friday. So, here–zit: A high-resolution, custom designed, premium quality, weird, wooden sort-of-almost cork-like texture:

Royality free high resolution premium custom wooden cork textureThis texture is 100% royalty-free for non-commercial use. Simply click on the image (or here) and the full resolution image will open in a new browser window. From there, you can right-click on the image and choose ‘save image as’ (or some such similar thing, depending on what browser you’re using) to save it to your computer.

If you’d like to use this texture in a commercial project, you can contact me via the e-mail form located at this link.

You can view and acquire more of my available design elements and other images here. This brush set is also available as a vector set containing all the shapes in this brush set, plus thirty more! Click here!

*Images obtained from the previous two links are provided royalty-free, and may be used for commercial purposes.

For easy access to all of the (what is now 9) “Freebie Friday’s” posts, all in once place, just click right on this here ol’ link.

…I hope it’s not another five years until I get around to posting another Freebie Friday! But, who knows? I’ve got so much going on these days, it’s really quite insane.

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