Science Says: The Lungs of Long-Term Heavy Smokers Are Good Enough For You

Lungs from pack-a-day smokers safe for transplant, study finds…

Yup! Smoking “causes lung cancer”, right? And it wreaks havoc on healthy lungs, right? Smoking is the embodiment of pure, satanic evil, right? If you smoke, then your lungs are a cesspool of filth, rot and all manner of black, foul putrescence, right?

How very, very odd then that science has determined that the lungs of long-term “heavy smokers” are perfectly fine for transplant! Very, very strange! Wouldn’t you say?…

So, if long-term heavy smokers are, apparently, more than capable of possessing lungs still fit for transplanting into another human-being — what does that say about the ravages of second-hand smoke? What must the lungs of someone who isn’t a smoker and yet lives in a situation where they’re regularly subjected to only second-hand smoke be like? What condition must their lungs be in? What might this say about the dangers of that ridiculous notion of “third hand smoke” that’s being touted by the imbecilic anti-smoking kooks? What do those who promote such ridiculous and dangerous hysteria, and the incredible morons that give any weight to their nonsensical rantings, have to say about this?

Meanwhile… in other news… people who smoke electronic cigarettes are being spat-at in the face by lunatic, anti-smoking whack-jobs:…

But, the anti-smoking movement doesn’t spread irrational hysteria or anything. Oh no!

You virulent, low-life, anti-smoking human scum, with your puritanical promotion of irrational hysteria and your demands for the forced worship from the citizenry at the altar of inanity are a truly disgusting swarm of bugs. When is the last of your filth going to finally die off? How long must we wait? You must, at least, be due for some sort of pupae stage or something pretty soon, no?

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