There is NO Justification for Linking Conservatism with Racism

…and, if you believe that then you probably also believe that Dr. Martin Luther King simply got what was coming to him for being so “uppity”.

I LOVE hearing conservatives complain that liberals falsely associate the right with racism. And, I’ve been hearing it more and more lately. It has become common for people on the right to cry foul and accuse the left of “race baiting” themselves by claiming or implying that the right has a problem with racism within their ranks. Well, here’s just SOME comments from a SINGLE story posted on a right-wing Facebook page (titled Mr. Conservative) about a group of people who assaulted a pregnant woman in Sanford, Florida. Gee, I wonder where liberals get the idea that conservatism has a problem with racism? Nope, doesn’t seem to be any justification for the left’s accusations at all, huh?

“thses niggers should all be killed.” ~ Stephen Wood
“Black people are socially inept, dumb and are genetically defective people. The nature of the ape can not be civilized.” ~ Frank Mackney
“What! They’re BLACK? let me put on my shocked face.” ~ John Michael Fussell
“Let’s go Coon hunting” ~ Calvin Edington
“sounds bout like niggers” ~ Fiore Buccieri
“You can take the apes out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle [mentality] out of the apes.” ~ Rochelle Frost
“Put a few blacks together with probably drugs/alcohol and you have mob mentality.” ~ Joseph O’Neill
“Negros & Ho’s Obama’s kids!!!!” ~ Dean Groeper
“not being racist or profiling but most black people are super aggressive from what ive seen” ~ Corey Gilhooly
“eat and breed that’s all they do” ~ Greg Garner
“And they all look black..imagine that !!” ~ Frances Suzan Barlitt
“start lynching these motherfuckers!” ~ Chuck Miller
“i feel better when they beat there own kind.keep up the good work!” ~ Madison Day III
“Black go figure!!” ~ Scott Shirley
“The blacks are animals this is proof BAN BLACK” ~ Lester Moore
“Ever since Obama became president the black people act like ignorant animals and think they can do anything and get away with it. He signed an executive order that no one can punish blacks behavior no matter how bad they are!” ~ Jean Richard
“With a goddamned nigger in the white house all niggers are getting away with murder. Rather than freeing the slaves they should have killed all the damned niggers.” ~ Alan S. Hastings
“all 12 ahould be hung like back in the good ol’ days” ~ Walter Cruitt
“All Blacks! No wonder!!” ~ Leslie Freeman
“Another example of many on one, black fun..” ~ Chuck Sherman Jr
“Thats the uneducated mentality of the blacks” ~ Nancy Busse
“Hang them niggers!” ~ Jeffery Tomlinson
“You knows how niggas is…” ~ Edward Lester
“time to lynch some dirty nigras” ~ James Niven
“NIGGERS, just plain old filthy assed NIGGERS!” ~ Jesse James
“Keep it up niggas coon hunting starts next week” ~ Craig Mortimer
“kill everyone of those black motherfucking niggers” ~ Cindy Hatcher
“FUCKIN ANIMAL “COON”!!!!! I hope they ALL KILL EACH OTHER, the most “WORTHLESS” “RACE” on Earth!!!!!!” ~ Jerry Lauric

Are all conservatives racists? Of course not. But, practically all racists are conservatives. If you don’t believe that, you’re a moron — it’s as simple as that.

And, why did the “Mr. Conservative” page feel the need to publish this story in the first place? Well, it seems as though they feel that unless the media provides as much coverage to every single crime ever committed by a Black person as it did to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, the media itself is the real promoter of racism. Incredible, huh? The way these people’s brains… uh… “work” (for lack of a better term)?

…Meanwhile… August 26th, 2013… someone who is friend-ed to me on Facebook and happens to be somewhat of a frothing-at-the-mouth tea-bagger conservative type, posts this image to their Facebook feed:

Faces of RacismSee what I mean? …so, of course, I countered by commenting on their post of the above image by posting the photo below:

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