I Have Found The Current Canadian Election to be Far too Devoid of Limericks!

So, I thought I’d try my hand at remedying the situation:

There once was a man of fine preening
A P.M. named Harper, right leaning
“Coalitions,” he cried, “I cannot abide!”
“But contempt is a charge without meaning!”

Stephen Harper, what a carper!
Coalitions he seems to abhor
Unless, instead, they’re Conservative led
Just like way back in ’04

A man from the Calgary school
Became P.M. so to rule
Through scandal and shame
He dodged fault and blame
And asserted his ultimate authority
Now for his misdeeds, an election proceeds
And he still thinks he deserves a majority

Ok, so they’re not true limericks. I’m invoking “Harper’s privilege” and claiming them as such, and so they are.

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