Freebie Fridays! Design Freebie #6: Free Grunge Spiral Brush Set!

Welcome to the sixth week of freebie giveaways!

This week we’ve got an awesome set of Adobe Photoshop brushes in a spiral style – kind of like the old patterns that you used to make with those old Spirograph sets. (Can you still get those?) Anyway, this brush set contains a full 25 high quality brushes. They work great as erasers. Each brush’s native size is somewhere around 2,000 pixels – give or take a couple of hundred pixels. The entire set was created from scratch by me, so they’re entirely unique.

Free Adobe Photoshop Brushes to download and use!

This brush set is free for non-commercial use. If you would like to use these brushes in a commercial project, please contact me at: DAudette(AT)ottawaarts.Com

(Click the image to download the file. Or, click here.)

***PLEASE NOTE: You are free to download and use this brush set in your own non-commercial design work. You may, under certain circumstances, re-distribute this file – please carefully read the README file located in the ZIP archive for instructions on how to redistribute this brush set.

You can view and acquire more of my available design elements and other images here. This brush set is also available as a vector set containing all of the brushes in this brush set, plus 11 more spiral-type shapes here! Images obtained from the previous two links may be used for commercial purposes.

Enjoy the brushes, and I’ll see you here again next Friday for another free download!

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