My Dirty, Little, Guilty Pleasure.

I have to admit a guilty pleasure that I’m sure some readers – especially those who read my “Pavlov’s Troll” article that was posted a couple of years ago – are already familiar with.

The pleasure I speak of is the manipulation of small minds. I haven’t indulged in quite some time, but recently I’ve gotten back into it. There’s been a discussion going on at Wetcanvas here (My first entry is about midway down the page. My username is “Gatordawg” on the site.) One of the members (Midwest Painter) engaged,  and before long, I was back into “Pavlov’s Troll” mode with this guy.

This guy is easily manipulated. If you’re familiar with the Pavlov article, spend some time reading our Wetcanvas exchange, and you’ll see how I was able to manœuvre him into saying just about anything I wanted. I find it a little weird that I find it amusing doing this sort of thing. Is it some sort of an ego/power-trip thing? I don’t know.

It took almost no time at all for me to expose him, and get him to come right out and completely contradict the very foundation of his initial argument. Now it seems he’s reeling and grasping at every turn. Desperately mis-quoting, and engaging in a string of attempts at diversion. He wont let it go, and keeps digging himself deeper and deeper.

He wants me to engage him on another topic now regarding oil prices. I haven’t decided yet if I’m willing to invest the time. I’ll see what his response is first. If I find myself bored, I might just be suckered into some cheap entertainment.

Your thoughts? Is playing with people in such a way wrong? Does this sort of thing mean I’m somewhat of an asshole? Does it matter if I am?

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