Smoking Linked to Decrease in Uterine Cancer Risk

I recall once, a number of years ago, having an argument with a rabid anti-smoker. After a continuous and somewhat lengthy stream of me shooting down each of his arguments with reasoned opinion and documented facts, he finally became frustrated and said:

“Look! If there was any redeeming quality to smoking at all I’d change my mind about it. But, there isn’t! Smoking is entirely destructive. It does no good. If you could provide me with just a single independent study that has shown any possible health benefit to smoking whatsoever I’d change my mind. But, you can’t.”

And, I didn’t provide him with a single study… I provided him with ten such studies, showing ten separate potential health benefits of smoking.

Needless to say, true to anti-smoker form, he went back on his word and refused “change his mind about smoking.” Instead, he left in a huff and I never heard from him again.

Well, it looks as if, were he to show up again today, I could add yet another study to that list.

It appears as though the June, 2008 issue of The American Journal of Medicine has published that smoking has been shown to be linked to a decrease in the risk of developing uterine cancer. Amazing.

Here’s a story from Reuters Health. And, the full study can be found here.

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