Dream Interpretation: This is a Doozy! Death, The Apocalypse, The After-Life…

I had a very bizarre dream last night.

I found myself outside, in the midst of the apocalypse. There was mayhem, bedlam and confusion all around. People everywhere were running in panic trying to find escape. There was a cacophony of noise all around me. Cars were screaming by, honking. People screaming in terror. Everywhere was noise and fear. I knew that what I was experiencing was the imminent destruction of the world. People were trying in vain to escape their impending doom.

In the midst of the frenzy, I saw a young, red-headed man speed past me on a motorcycle. But, as I watched, in his panic, he lost control of his motorcycle, skidded off across a field, and I saw him and his bike disappear below the surface of a calm river. I knew that I must go to him to see if he needed help, and I did.When I got to the edge of the river, I could see him, floating unconscious beneath the surface. With much effort, I dragged him up on to shore and began trying to revive him. However, multiple attempts at doing so proved ineffective.

Then, finally, his eyes opened. And, the very instant that this occurred, I became very aware that all of the mayhem that had been raging around us suddenly stopped. It was as if someone had just flipped a switch and, very abruptly, turned it all off. Everything was now quiet and still. Everything, all of a sudden, seemed to be at peace.

The young man looked at me, and in a feeble voice asked “What happened?”

I paused for a moment, and then came to a shocking realization.

“I think we’ve died.” I said. “I think we’re dead.”

The realization struck me that at the exact moment that the young man had opened his eyes, or perhaps a split-second before, the world had indeed ended, or we had been killed by whatever horrible destruction was in the midst of ravaging the planet. But, it had happened so quickly, that the actual event of being killed had gone unnoticed. I had been aware of being alive, then, in a fraction of a second, I was aware of being in the afterlife. However, the transition had occurred so quickly, I was unaware of the transition.

I then looked around, searching for visual information that might either confirm or deny my suspicion. Everything around me looked exactly as it had moments before, only without the bedlam that had been taking place. Now there was not a visible trace of another human being — other than the two of us. And, there was one other very noticeable difference. I looked up into the sky, and to my surprise, in the bright blue sky, there was no sun. But, instead, where a sun should have appeared, there was, about the normal size of the sun, a brilliant, shining crown. A spectacularly ornate King’s crown. A royal crown, hanging in the sky, illuminating the world as if it were the sun.

Upon witnessing this oddity, I was struck with a realization. It was as if information was being planted directly into my brain from some unknown source. It said: “Remember this image. This is a symbol — a crown in place of the sun. This symbol carries so great a significance. It is important that you remember — even after you wake up.”

I looked back down at the red-headed young man lying on the shore of the river, and I was suddenly overwhelmed by a compulsion to go and explore the world I now found myself in. The two of us stood up and began walking forward. After we had walked for a short time, we came to a tall hedge that would have been impassable if it were not for a single, small opening between the branches and leaves. I passed through this opening and found myself in a huge orchard, filled with the most beautiful trees I have ever laid eyes on. Each of them was covered in what seemed to be a ridiculous abundance of the most beautiful blossoms I could ever imagine. It was a sight of beauty — its equal I don’t beleive I’ve ever witnessed in my waking life.

And then, it was over. I have no memory past that point.

Do you think it means anything? I haven’t had a dream that bizarre in quite some time.

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