85% of Lung Cancers are CAUSED by Smoking… Says Who?

How very odd! I have a pack of Export ‘A’  king size cigarettes sitting right in front of me. The pack contains a very clear warning, spoken in absolute terms, from our friends at Health Canada. It states, in no uncertain terms:

“WARNING: 85% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking.”

How very, very peculiar it is then that the Lung Cancer Alliance, “the only national NON-PROFIT organization dedicated exclusively to patient support and advocacy for people living with lung cancer or those at risk for the disease” has produced this PSA. What does the PSA say? Well, among other things, it says that out of all of the people diagnosed with lung cancer this year, “60 per cent will wonder why, as THEY’VE NEVER SMOKED, or quit smoking years ago.”

Did you hear that? A lung cancer patient advocacy group – without the political ties to the Big-Pharma lobbyists enjoyed by government agencies and the ultra-benevolent Health Canada, seems to think that the MAJORITY of lung cancer cases occur in NON-SMOKERS!

Why is that? SHS, perhaps? Accounting for upwards of another 45% of cases? That would seem like a big discrepancy for something to which not one single study ever conducted, at any time, has ever shown to carry a statistically significant link to lung cancer!

This is just yet more evidence of why the anti-smoking movement is evil. Lung cancer affects everybody. It is not just a smoker’s disease. But it’s been made out that way to such a great degree that everybody seems to think it is. The irrational fear and hysteria that the anti-smoking movement spreads through their fallacious, fear-mongering, scare-tactic propaganda is what’s to blame for this.

Even though the benchmark studies (from the anti-smokers even – this is from THEIR studies) have shown that the average smoker has a better than 99.8% chance of never contracting lung cancer in his or her lifetime, everybody seems to think that “If you smoke, you’re going to get lung cancer. Period.” Which, of course, is entirely fallacious.

So, since this fallacy of “smoking = lung cancer” is propagated and adopted, the general opinion becomes: “If you want to prevent lung cancer, just get rid of smoking!” And, this attitude severely impedes research into effective treatment methods for the disease. Because, there is a fallacious idea that we already know just about all we need to know to effectively prevent it: Get rid of smoking, and the lung cancer goes away! Why spend time, money and other resources on research? Thanks to the anti-smoking lobby, it’s all already settled – just get rid of smoking! Prest-o-change-o, no more lung cancer!

Of course, if you’re one of the MAJORITY of people who have contracted lung cancer as a never-smoker or someone who has given up smoking years ago, then to hell with you. You are just going to have to suck it up and die.

The anti-smoking movement is an evil, fascist movement. How much evidence has to be presented before the world wakes up and squashes this pernicious blight on society?

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