This is Why the Anti-Smoking Movement is a Bunch of Immoral Low-lives.

Faking CancerOver a quarter of the world’s population smokes. Yet, mouth cancer is a very rare disease. That, by force of logic, makes crap like this nothing more than  fallacious, sensationalist, fear mongering. It’s disingenuous psychological warfare tactics — pure propaganda. This is yet more evidence to heap upon the ever-growing, now truly huge, pile of evidence that clearly shows the anti-smoking lobby to be a shameful blight on humanity. It is a morally bereft movement. And, the brain dead masses never think to question — they just recoil in disgust and react at the suggestion of their anti-smoking, fascist handlers.

As You can see for yourself, in words and pictures, from this web site, this ad is a lie from beginning to end. It’s a fabrication. The morally barren anti-smoking lobby LIES over and over and over, and the brainless masses just swallow it up without question and continue to believe that the anti-smoking movement are the “good guys.” Ha!. Anti-smokers are a vile, pernicious infection. That fact is no longer debatable. And, the fact that none of them seem to feel any shame is down-right disgusting.

But, here’s the kicker — the final nail that, once and for all, firmly secures the lid on the question of whether or not the anti-smoking movement has any sense of shame, or if they are just the morally barren, mentally twisted, depraved, groups of fascist, Nazi scum-bags that I’ve always had them pegged for:

They’re currently showing this film — this lie — to school children in class!

That’s disgusting! Are you not outraged? Using psychological terror tactics on impressionable youth not yet intellectually equipped to temper the assault with reason is absolutely unacceptable. These people should be in jail. This sort of behavior is nothing short of abuse! Subjecting children to such horrific images and letting them believe the lie is factual goes beyond the pale! It is the outright rape of children’s minds. Anti-smokers are now no better than pedophiles.

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