The Anti-Smoking Lobby: Their Brainwashing Tactics and Methods are Effective and Pernicious

Do you want to see the subtle hint of the anti-smoking lobby’s effectiveness of brainwashing our youth?

Meet “Jo.” Jo runs a blog. Jo seems like she is most likely a rather young person – probably of senior high school age. Jo seems at least reasonably intelligent. And, Jo has been dangerously brainwashed.

Jo’s mind is no longer her own. It has been commandeered. And, I suspect, Jo isn’t even aware of it. The clue is subtle – barely perceptible. But, it is there. Jo has been brainwashed by the fascist anti-smoking lobby – their ruthless tactics and methods infecting her brain with its foul blight. She has fallen victim to the anti-smoking fascists’ neo-Hitler youth rally routine.

Examine Jo’s blog entry regarding her delight with the Stupid.Ca commercials (You remember those, don’t you? Those are the ones produced by the Ontario government a few years back that actually violated the federal government’s hate-speech laws when they first aired on T.V.) Pay close attention to the last line of Jo’s blog entry:

Anyways, Check it out and learn more about how to quit, or enforce non-smoking to the people around you.

Did you catch it? It’s very subtle.

Jo sends out a plea to her readers to “ENFORCE” non-smoking to the people around them. “Enforce”? Really? Not “encourage,” or “support”? But, “Enforce”? “ENFORCE” non-smoking?

Interesting choice of words, Jo! Very interesting!

This gives you a glimpse into how Jo’s mind has been made to work. Jo’s own subconscious programming tells her that the social behaviour of others is something to be “enforced.” How do YOU think Jo’s brain got to state where it operates like this?

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