More Psycho Cops… What is Going On?

Yet another incident involving psycho, low-life, knuckle-walking, scum cops.


A newsflash for the police: You are “public servants.” Do you understand what that means? Your job requires you to act as servants to the public. If you can’t deal with that, then you shouldn’t be a cop. Go find another line of work. The public IS NOT the enemy. Stop treating them as such. The public are your employers and masters. Don’t like the sound of that? Then find another job, because you’re just not cut out to be a cop.

If that was my wife in the video above, I wouldn’t rest until I had managed to hunt down and castrate every one of the low-life, mother-fucking cowards in that video.

*UPDATE 03/10/2015 — The website the video was originally hosted on has long since disappeared. However, if you’re looking for videos of scumbag cops, there’s now NO shortage of them.

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