Boycott Sherway Gardens Mall

This Mississauga shopping centre has decided banning smoking inside the mall and outside its entrances is not good enough. It is now banning smoking anywhere on its property, including the parking lots and roadways – even if the customer or mall employee is inside his or her own private vehicle. Apparently it thinks its job is to save us from ourselves, and that we will be so thankful we will continue to give it our patronage and shopping dollars.

But there are many places to choose to go shopping. If this mall wants to insult 20% of the shopping public in this fashion, then it is a simple matter to go elsewhere. This ban is an abuse of rights and of corporate control. We all have to speak out – and vote with our wallets – to let this mall and anyone else know who might be thinking of acting in this way that this is not acceptable. Please take a minute to email or phone in your message to the contacts below – and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Sherway Gardens:
“Contact us” email: [email protected]
or phone: Scott Kyle, General Manager, at (416) 621-1071 ext 7010.

Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd:
Linda Gray, Senior VP, Ontario Portfolio. [email protected]
or phone: 416-598-8293.

Heath Applebaum, Manager, Corp Communications. [email protected] or phone: (416) 598-8645.

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