Evil Cigarettes Claim Yet Another Victim

Only this afternoon was I involved in a debate with someone (who seemed like an otherwise reasonably intelligent adult) who made the statement “Tobacco isn’t in the same league with alcohol because there are safe levels of alcohol consumption, whereas, if you smoke, in any amount, it will eventually kill you.” Of course, to me, at the time, this statement seemed like nothing more than further evidence of the level of brainwashing that the anti-smoking movement has been successful in executing against the general public. But, perhaps this person may have been correct after all? Here’s a news story that I just came across that provides some rock-solid evidence that her ‘Smoking WILL kill you. PERIOD!’ statement might not have been quite as absurd as it appeared:

Kendrapada (Orissa), Nov 19 (IANS) A 125-year-old woman, said to be one of the oldest women in India, died at her home in Orissa, her family said Sunday.

Fulla Nayak, a resident of Kanarpur village in the coastal district of Kendrapada, died of old age complications Saturday.

According to her 72-year-old grandson, Fulla was 125. But as per a voter photo identity card issued by the government in 1995 she was 120 years.

The grand old woman lived in a small mud-walled thatched house in Kanarpur, about 25 km from the district headquarters. She is survived by two of her four daughters and around two dozen relatives.

Her eldest daughter, Jamuna, 92, lives in the same village. Her husband died at the age of 50.

Fulla was in the news when her grandson Narayan Nayak claimed last week that she could be the oldest woman living in the world. He had said that he would write to the Guinness book authorities to record the claim.

Fulla was known for her love of smoking ganja and cigars and palm juice. She also loved steaming hot tea.

She had never suffered any debilitating ailment throughout her life. Except for her weak eyesight, Fulla maintained good health and used to walk without support.

So, it appears that smoking has claimed yet another victim! This time, a poor 120 year old woman. BAD, bad tobacco! Why did you have to take her so young?

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