Think You’re Awake? …Think Again!

Fasces symbol This is called a “fasces.” It’s an ancient Roman symbol. It’s where we get the words “fascist” and “fascism” from. It was a symbol adopted and used by Mussolini’s fascist movement. Y’know? The movement that played a willing hand in causing the bloodiest, most inhuman war in mankind’s history? Remember? They ended up killing off about six million or so people in the largest attempted act of genocide that the world has ever seen. You remember them? Well, this is THEE symbol of that political movement — the fascist movement.

Do you see the symbolism of this? The “fasces” is a bundling of a bunch of “fasci”, or “fascia” — wooden rods, or sticks. Those who have adopted this symbol, such as the Roman empire, Mussolini’s Fascist movement, Napoleon and General Fransisco Franco (all very warm and caring people, to be sure) to name a few, are fond of saying that it symbolizes strength in numbers and unity: One fasci (wooden rod), on its own, is weak and will shatter. But, bundled together, the fasces is strong! However, if you really look at the fasces, you’ll notice that the fasci are actually in bondage. The fasci represent you and me — the general populace, restrained by our “leaders.” The fasces is a symbol of control over the masses.

The Romans and the Fascists were control-freaks, and they adopted the fasces as their symbol. Remember, this was originally a Roman symbol. The Romans invented it. Do you know what THEY thought it symbolized? Now, read this carefully, so you’ll understand the true, original symbolism of the fasces whenever you see it: The fasces was carried by the body-guards of Roman Dictators, Consuls, or Praetors, and it symbolized the ultimate authority and the powers of life or death that the Roman magistrate held over the citizenry of Rome. THAT is what a fasces symbolizes. This symbol is a “fasces.” “Fasces” = symbol of “fascism” …Get it?

Hitler Mussolini fasces stamp
See? Here it is on a German stamp depicting both Hitler and Mussolini, and on an Italian, Mussolini era stamp. Understand? It is a symbol of fascism. Fascists put it on things so that other fascists, when they see those things, will know, and think: “Hey! A fellow fascist is responsible for that! Yay for me, ’cause I’m a fascist, too! Just like the people who made that thing!”

Understand? It’s all very simple, huh? One of the main symbols of fascism is the “fasces.” It’s all very simple. But of course, it took the bloodiest, most atrocious conflict in all of human history to teach us, as a species, that fascism is bad, mmm’kay? Fascism is evil! PERIOD – CASE CLOSED – DEBATE OVER! When people begin acting like fascists bad things always result – a lot of people tend to end up either dead or suffering some other unspeakable horrors. So, I assume that we’re all most likely in agreement that history has done an excellent job of teaching us that fascism is a very bad thing. The fascist ideology just does not work — except, of course, for a very, very few who happen to be at the seat of power… and when it does work for those people, it always works at the expense of the common multitudes (you and me). Therefore we really, probably, definitely shouldn’t trust anyone who goes about proudly displaying the explicit symbols of fascism… right?

American fasces

Lincol fasces

fasces nickel coin
Excuse me????

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