Rogers Sucks!

Fuck Ted Rogers! Fuck him in the ass! Fuck the corporate institution of Rogers Communications Incorporated. Fuck it in the ass. Round up all of the employees of Rogers Communications Inc, and fuck them directly in their asses. Round up, and line up, all of the relatives of Ted Rogers, and all the employees of Rogers Communications Inc., and anyone who was involved in the construction of any building which now houses any offices belonging to Rogers Communications Inc., and fuck them right their asses. Then, strip Ted Rogers naked, tie him to a large cactus, torture him until he reveals to you what it is that he loves most in the world. Then, go out and find that thing, whatever it is, and fuck it in the ass. Then, go back to where you left Ted Rogers tied to that cactus, and fuck him in the ass one more time for good measure. Check his anus for blood. If it’s not bleeding, repeat.


Because Ted Rogers, and everything associated with his idiotic business, deserves a long, hard, painful, greasy fucking… right in the ass. Perhaps if they could keep an Internet connection functioning for more than an hour or so at a time, I might feel differently. But, they can’t. Perhaps if I could watch an “on demand” movie, like I’m supposed to be able to, because we only pay them around $150.00 each and every month, then I might feel differently. But, I can’t, so, I don’t.


Fuck Ted Rogers! Fuck him square in his disgustingly wealthy, tight, little asshole. And, to everybody else who has any association with that shitty-ass company: You all need desperately to go and take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. So, fuck you all in the ass too! You don’t like that? Then you get your ass over here and fix my fucking Internet connection so that it doesn’t go down every hour on the hour! You get your ass over here and do that, and maybe then I wont want to fuck you in it.

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