Old Dr. Gene, I Wants To See Your Spleen!

Hey! I just found out that Dr. Gene Scott died recently. Until about fifteen minutes ago I was completely unaware that Dr. Scott had passed away from a stroke in February of this year.

Way back in the 1980s I watched many an hour of Dr. Gene Scott’s programming. Back then, where I am from, at three o’clock in the morning you had a choice of watching old Waltons reruns, Dr. Gene Scott, or about 10 other channels of various test patterns. Every so often I’d opt for The Waltons, but more often than not, I’d watch an hour or so of Dr. Gene Scott.

Now, there was never any doubt in my mind that old Dr. Gene was a greedy charlatan and of the highest order. And, had I ever met him, I suspect that I probably would have not liked the man very much. However, there was no denying that he was a remarkably intelligent man, had a wit as sharp as a razor, and was funny as hell to boot. His show was seldom boring, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen anything quite like it on television before or since.

Well, old Dr. Gene is gone now. I wonder if his ministry will continue? For the best read that I’ve found about Dr. Scott, check out this page on Rotten.Com And be sure to listen to Mojo Nixon’s: “I’m Gonna Dig Up Howlin’ Wolf.” on his “Bo-Day-Shus!!!” album. It contains the verse:

I’m gonna mate with Doctor Gene Scott,
have me some real weird kids!
Yeah, I’m Gonna mate with Doctor Gene Scott,
have me some real weird babies!
Well I said Old Doctor Gene,
I wants to see your spleen!

… or something like that anyway…

Rest in peace, Dr. Gene. And, thanks for entertaining me through all of those wee, small hours back in the crazy world of the 1980s.

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