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My Vote for “Greatest Canadian”

BOOT! Yes. Boot from Readalong gets my vote for the Greatest Canadian! Who else

“Aqua Teen Hunger Force” Boston “Hoax Bombers” Ridicule the Fear Junkie Media

I love these guys! Listen to the subtext of the media-whore’s crys of “Are


I Love Tom Waits & I Miss Fernwood Tonight

Tom Waits performs “The Piano Has Been Drinking” and conducts an incredible interview on

Mike Nelson, Crow & Tom Servo Pay Tribute to Canada

“…Why you lousy, stinking, francophonic, bacon loving bastards…” ~ Tom Servo

Fuck HBO!!!!

FUCK YOU HBO!!!! Lucky Louie AND Deadwood??? FUCK YOU! Ok, Lucky Louie saddened me

Fear Factor is the Debbil!!!

Here’s what I hate about reality T.V. shows like Fear Factor and Survivor: They

I Hate The Romans Already!

   Why do people so often seem to think that I have some great

Old Dr. Gene, I Wants To See Your Spleen!

Hey! I just found out that Dr. Gene Scott died recently. Until about fifteen