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Weird Video Investigation – Satanic Human Sacrifice Ritual

So, recently, a friend of mine showed me a rather bizarre video. My friend

Best Birthday Song and Related Music Video Ever?

I know not where this came from, but it just might be the most

Picnic (1987)

Picnic (© 1987) – A brilliant, experimental animation by Paul Vester, with a (highly)

Charlie Bit Me!

Watch the first video, then the next.


In Mirror-World most people are left-handed. And, everyone is exactly half as far away


His name is Junta and he has a blog. Junta’s blog is much better

Roof Sex

“Roof Sex” …just watch it. That is all.

People Do Weird Things With My Music!

You know what? If you give away your musical compositions, and allow people to

Outer World Voice Answers Your Call

When I was very, very young — possibly around eight or nine years old


Giant Girl Puppet Doll, etc.

I find this strangely beautiful and haunting. It seems to conjure some long forgotten

More Weird Night Sky Happenings – Help Me!

Ok, so. As some people who regularly visit this blog know, I’m a big

People That I Made Up…

Over at they have a little on-line flash program that sort of replicates

High Strangeness on Meadowlands Drive

Once, about ten years ago or so, I witnessed something quite out of the

Hey Sexy Lady, I Like Your Poop!

After reading the latest entry over at the “Kill Everything” blog, I felt oddly

The Texas Hill-Billies and the Big Stone Owl!

My question is: What does this mean to you? Is it just good fun?