The Anti-Smoking Movement Is A Group Of Child Abusers

It’s getting pretty damn scary! If you’re not horrendously disturbed by the level of

Video Shows RCMP Tasering Disabled Man Who is Already Restrained

A Breif History of Gun Control

1929 – The Soviet Union establishes gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20

Charlie Bit Me!

Watch the first video, then the next.

The Anti-Smoking Lobby’s Hidden Agenda

by Klaus Rohrich Original article published here: Poor Heather Crowe, the Ottawa waitress

I Never Knew I Was A Terrorist!

At some time in the past, I have been guilty of most of these

The Open and Shut Case Against the Anti-Smokers – In Simplest Terms

Here it is: When was the last time second hand smoke wiped out upwards

Are You Stupid? Or, Can You See Now That The Corporate Media is Pathetic and Useless?

“The News” doesn’t want you to know the news. That is no longer the


In Mirror-World most people are left-handed. And, everyone is exactly half as far away

The Anti-Smoking Lobby: Their Brainwashing Tactics and Methods are Effective and Pernicious

Do you want to see the subtle hint of the anti-smoking lobby’s effectiveness of

NO FATTIES! This Establishment Serves Thins Only!

HOUSE BILL NO. 282 An act to prohibit certain food establishments from serving food

To Brainless Anti-Smokers 2=6,000…de-la- politique If you can understand French, watch the video above. If you can’t,

More Psycho Cops… What is Going On?

Yet another incident involving psycho, low-life, knuckle-walking, scum cops. [VIDEO NO LONGER EXISTS] A

Ovarian Cancer Risk Not Affected by Smoking

A new study has found that cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption do not have

SOCIAL EMERGENCY – Evil Rears Its Head

From: Surreality Times Want to see what genuine evil looks like? Here it is:

2008: The Year Of The Control Freak Society

From: Thursday January 31, 2008 2008 is the year of the control freak


His name is Junta and he has a blog. Junta’s blog is much better

Rogers’ Communications Incorporated is a Huge Pile of Steaming Shit Company.

FUCK YOU ROGERS! Forty to fifty outages per day, every single day, for the

The Surete du Quebec Emblem Commemorating the Montebello SPP Protest Incident.

The Surete du Quebec logo commemorating the Montebello SPP protest incident.

Open Letter To Marcel Savard of the Surete du Quebec

Dear Mr. Savard, Exactly what kind of idiots do you take the Canadian public

Stephen Harper’s Canadian Police State

Do you know what the main difference between a police state, and a non-police