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Reading Suggestions for August 21st, 2006

Five Years After 9/11, Fear Finally Strikes Out As the election campaign quickens, genuine

SURPRISE: The London Terror Plot Was YET ANOTHER Scam!

We were lied to yet again. We were fed more stories; more fiction about

Keith Olbermann Exposes Nexus Of Politics And Terror

Much more info here: Olbermann Exposes Nexus Of Politics And Terror

Are Major Terror Attacks Coming? Alex Jones Thinks So.

In July of 2001, Alex Jones correctly predicted the 9/11 terror attacks. I posted

Has Anyone Ever Heard of These Terrorist Groups: “Hagana,” “Irgun” or “Lehi”?

These three groups operated from around 1920 until the late 1950s. They were regarded

Open Letter to the Canadian Mainstream Media

By Dave Patterson – Jun 6, 2006, 00:53 I have a couple of questions about

The Nick Berg Execution. The story so far.

Just to recap the story so far…. Ok, lets see… An American civilian who