My Letter to My M.P. Regarding My Opinions on the Recent Coalition

The Honourable John Baird
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Baird, MP:

    I am a resident in the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean, and I am writing today to, with all due respect, express my utter disgust with your party, its leadership, and its actions over the last few days.

    Never in my life have I witnessed, from any party to ever hold a seat in the House of Commons, what seems to me to be such utter disregard, even contempt, for the great democratic parliamentary institution of this country. The people of Canada, through our democratic process, elected a house of representatives to serve them in Parliament. The people of Canada, through the members of the elected house, then gave their confidence to the leader of your party to form a government. Recently, the majority of Canada’s elected representatives expressed concern that the leader of your party had likely lost the confidence of the house, and they began to move toward a vote of non-confidence.

    Instead of standing and facing the democratic system and parliamentary procedure which is our noble tradition, our Prime Minister attempted, and was successful in, making an unprecedented move to effectively suspend democracy in this country in order to avoid such a vote. His actions were detestable. We are now a country whose Prime Minister is leading this land without having the confidence of the house. Since the house is made up of the elected representatives of the people of Canada, he is then a Prime Minister without the de-facto confidence of the people of Canada. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that supposed to be disallowed according to our constitution? Isn’t our Prime Minister required to have the confidence of the house in order to retain his position as leader?

Please answer for me a couple of simple questions:

    (1) If the leader of your party values democracy, why did he take action to avoid a democratic vote of the house if not because he felt he could not survive the result of the democratic procedure he was facing?

    (2) If he felt that he could not survive the vote of non-confidence, then please explain how his move to dodge the democratic vote can be seen, by any rational individual, as anything other than a blatant disregard for our constitution and the rule of the democratic system in Canada.

    If the Conservative Party does not take real action in rectifying this situation and publicly apologizing to the people of this country for its woeful disregard of Canada’s democratic procedures and institutions, the Conservative Party of Canada may rest assured that I will never again cast any ballot in their favour. And, I will do my best to convince any Canadian who will listen to me to do the same. Up until now I have been an independent voter. With each election I have voted for the candidate whom I have felt to be the most qualified, and whom I have felt is best equipped to represent me in Parliament — regardless of their party affiliation. Without definite, positive action by your party I will no longer act in such a manner. Without definite, positive action by your party I promise you that my considerations will go only to those candidates not affiliated with the Conservative party.

    I am proud in my belief that the democratic Canadian parliamentary system is the finest system of government in the world. It is my opinion that the leadership of your party has shown contempt for our system through your party’s recent actions and I am asking that you urge your party leadership to provide the people of this country with a formal apology.

Derek R. Audette

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