I Didn’t Vote For A Coalition Government!!! Hyuck!

A message to the retards among the right: Stop saying things like: “No one voted for a coalition government!” Or, “I don’t remember a coalition being on the ballot.” Or, “Canadians didn’t vote for this. It’s undemocratic.”

A coalition government WAS ON THE BALLOT! Perhaps you missed it when YOU voted for it? You dolts!

Every single person in Canada who cast a ballot in the last election voted for a coalition government — if that’s what we end up with by the rule of parliamentary procedure. By casting a vote, you are giving your support to the political system in which you are voting. If that system then, through the letter of its procedural law, forms a coalition government, it does so with YOUR FULL SUPPORT.

Understand? If you voted Conservative in the last election, and the Canadian parliamentary procedure, carried out within the terms that YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT BEFORE VOTING, now winds up with a coalition  government, then YOU VOTED FOR A COALITION GOVERNMENT! I don’t know why that seems so hard to grasp for so many people on the right.

If you were adequately informed regarding the workings of the system you were voluntarily supporting by casting a ballot, then you’d know that such an outcome was a possibility. If you don’t like that, then you shouldn’t have given your support to the system — plain and simple. You can’t eat your cake and have it too – no matter what line of B.S. any Conservative radio talk show host, that you’ve given power to do your thinking and form your opinions for you, tells you.

Do you want to talk about what’s “undemocratic”? Undemocratic is saying “I’ll support this democratic system just so long as it works out in my favour.” Democracy doesn’t work like that. I swear that you right-wingers are like a big group of nine year olds! As long as the game is going your way, everything is fine. As soon as you find yourselves down by a few points you want to take your ball and go home. Grow up for Pete’s sake!

It’s convenient how so many on the right now seem to forget that Harper, in 2004, as the leader of the opposition, sent a letter to the Governor General proposing that he should be allowed to form a government if the Liberals, under Martin, were to lose confidence in the House. But, now that the tables are turned, for some crazy reason known only to dung-headed Conservatives suffering from a terminal case of subjective reality, suddenly it’s an outrageous, undemocratic idea that a party that wasn’t directly voted in during an election be allowed to form a government. Right-wingers take the cake, man…. and want to eat it, and want to still have it too.

So, If you’re currently in possession of at least half of a brain, please go here and sign the petition. Then, call or write your MP and let them know that you support the coalition and our democratic parliamentary procedure. Write letters to the editor, comment on on-line news stories and blogs (especially conservative ones), and call into radio shows etc.,  and tell everyone you know to do the same, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get this lying, Straussian power-monger off of the hill.

If you happen to be one of the few Canadians that is rational and intelligent and still don’t want to see a coalition, then don’t sign the petition, and don’t write your MP in support of it, or do anything else I mentioned above. But, please! DON’T GO AROUND SAYING YOU DIDN’T VOTE FOR IT! YOU DID! Saying you didn’t just makes you look ignorant, stupid and right-wing. And who wants to look like any of those things?

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