Dear America: Why You must Vote For Obama

You probably aren’t going to like this very much, but hear me out. I believe that you must vote for Obama because he’s Black. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… but, listen to my reasoning:

First of all, it’s important to my point to keep in mind that Obama is at least competent enough to run the country. He appears to be intelligent enough, and appears to know the political game well enough to at least not destroy America if he is elected President. It would seem as though he would at least do a better job than the worst Presidents the U.S.A. have ever done. And, after the presidency of the worst Presidents of the past, America is still standing. So, it will likely still be standing after four years of Obama.

Now, I happen to think that Obama is the better option between himself and McCain. I think Obama is the clear choice between the two available options, and that he’d do a fine job of running the country. But, I write the preceding paragraph because I think that anyone who isn’t terminally stupid can agree. I believe that any reasonably intelligent person would agree that Obama would not be a complete disaster. No matter what you think of him, America will survive four years of Obama as President. Hell, it managed to survive eight years of Bush. And, nobody in their right mind, Republican or Democrat, could think that Obama could be anywhere near as bad as Bush, could they?

So, here’s my logic: if you think Obama is the better man for the job, then never mind about the “Black” thing I mentioned. Just vote for him. It’s the right choice. However, if you think McCain is the better option, but agree that Obama wouldn’t be a complete disaster. Then you MUST vote for Obama because he’s Black!

Here’s why:

Across the globe, there is a question about the United States that still resides in the minds of people. That question is: Can a Black man be President? Or, is America still too racially backwards for that to happen? Would Americans not vote for a Black person just because they don’t want a Black person running the country?

This election carries with it an opportunity to forever banish that question, and fundamentally alter how America is viewed by the world. It’s an opportunity to banish the specter of American racism solely to your history books.

Like it or not, America is widely seen as the most racist of the modern, advanced, industrialized nations. America has on it a scar of racism. America is branded this way. The world has a question when it comes to America: Can a Black person ever be President, or is America still just to “hick”, backwards, 19th century, and racist?

If you cast a vote for Obama, you help to forever alter America’s image for the better. If Obama becomes President, then never again will anyone ever be able to rightfully ask that question. The question will have been answered: America is no longer that small, that petty, that backward, that racist. A Black man DID become President. Vote for Obama and you’ll help to close that dark era of American history.

Look, a vote for either party is going to bring four more years of politics, and largely business as usual. There’ll be good things and bad, wins and losses, and supporters and members of the loosing party will rail against the winning party for all of the damage it’s doing. And, the supporters and members of the winning party will glorify their own party for all of their marvelous achievements. But, only a vote for Obama can fundamentally move America forward into a new, better era. An American era where there is no longer any doubt about just how racist America is.

If, in America, a Black man can become President, then a Black man can truly do anything. Right now, the world doesn’t know if a Black man can become President. So, the world has doubts as to whether or not a Black man can do anything a White man can. There just may be some things that just aren’t open to Black people. And, that’s horrible. I’d hate to have my country burdened with such a scar.

Once Obama becomes President, from then on whenever anyone says: “In America, a Black man can work as hard and as honestly as a White man, and be just as able, and still not enjoy the full fruits of his labour, just because he’s Black and the White man will keep him down.” You can say: “What are you talking about? That’s NOT America anymore! A Black man was PRESIDENT!!!”

Don’t you want that to be America? Do you want an America where no body knows what limitations might be put on a person because of the colour of his or her skin? Or, do you want an America where there is no question about it — a Black person can even be, and indeed has been, President?

Of course, I’m not racist, and I hate seeing ethnicity as a determining factor — either positive or negative — in such things. I think a man should be judged on his ability, knowledge, wisdeom, integrity, character, etc. Ethnicity should have no place in such things. But, it’s for precisely this reason that I say: Vote for Obama because he’s Black! Because, once a Black man is elected President, we’ll no longer be able to question whether or not America is a place where a President can be elected if he is the right man for the job, no matter what color his skin is.

I’m not American, but I hope you guys elect Obama. I think, of the options available, he’s the better man for the job. No matter his ethnicity. He could be bright orange with green stripes for all I care. But, if you think McCain is a better choice, but Obama wouldn’t be a total disaster, then please,  vote for Obama because he’s black, and because America needs you – Country first!

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