Video Evidence of Out of Control Anti-Smoking Lunacy

The current anti-smoking mindset epidemic infecting the general population has nothing to do with irrational hysteria, right?

That’s why scenes depicting radical lunacy, such as is found in the video accompanying this article, is becoming commonplace and generally accepted behavior in our society.

Keep in mind that the person who shot this video, as far as the average member of the public is concerned, is on the “right” side of the issue here. He’s the “normal” one, defending himself against a horrible injustice. And, if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, I fear you’re already  hopelessly lost.

It seems that this guy is horribly put out by his neighbor enjoying a cigarette on his own property, fifty feet away from where he is.

I pointed out to him that if he is actually being subjected to any of his neighbor’s cigarette smoke at all, it’s on the magnitude of 1 part in billions — possibly trillions. This is a trace amount, and it’s a physical impossibility to suffer any sort adverse effects due to such levels of exposure.

Not being an anti-smoker, I have the ability to employ critical thinking skills. Hopefully, so do you. So, think about it: What’s more deadly? Second-hand cigarette smoke, or cyanide? If given the choice, which would you rather ingest? Now, what would happen if I diluted 1 part of liquid cyanide into 1 billion parts of water and made you drink it?

Answer: NOTHING! Nothing would happen! You’d be exposed to a completely harmless trace amount, and you’d suffer absolutely no adverse effects. So, why would anyone get so worked up over being exposed to the same, harmless trace amounts of something far, far less deadly?

Answer: Because anti-smokers, such as the one in this video, are suffering from a mental disorder. They are suffering from irrational hysteria which disallows them from employing any sort of critical thinking and then reacting appropriately. They have been conditioned, on purpose, by the fascist anti-smoking movement into a state of irrational fear. Their minds no longer belong to them. They are reactionary because they’ve been engineered to be that way.

The idiot anti-smoker that filmed this video, on the Youtube page that hosts this video, said:

“There is no reasonable, good distance away when smoking outside and or up wind.”

So, I suppose he feels that if his neighbor would move off of his own balcony and take up a smoking position ninety-six miles away, he’d still be in mortal danger? The really good part is that the filmer, after making that statement, then has the audacity to accuse some other commenter of not having “any idea of what logic is.”

Anti-smokers take the cake, boy.

It’s time to stop this lunacy. Anti-smokers are a disease — far more dangerous to public health than tobacco use is. It’s time to stamp it out. We quickly need to begin ostracizing anti-smokers. They need to be exposed, at every turn, for the irrational, pernicious blight on society that they actually are.

The person who filmed this video is sick. As with all anti-smokers, he’s suffering from a serious disease. And, it would seem, if history is any teacher, that his disease is a highly infectious one. We need to immunize ourselves against it right now. Do something about it before it’s too late. Let anti-smokers have no peace. Point out their idiocy and irrationality as often as you can. Confront them at every turn, and expose them for the twisted, vile, danger that they are.

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