Fascism is Alive and well and Living in America.

…And people tell me I’m crazy when I talk about the resurgence of a fascist mind-set in this society.

How freakin’ scary is that?

Yeah, yeah, I know… They don’t show all of the myriad of people who called them loons for asking such a ridiculous question. I know all about that. But, I don’t think it really matters all that much. The fact that they, in this day and age, are able to find even a single person with such a stupid, dangerous opinion is absolutely appalling! I weep and fear for the human race. So long as there is one among us who could find such things reasonable, we are, as a species, a horrible and utter failure.

Jee… I wonder how the holocaust was ever able to happen in a modern, sophisticated, industrialized, democratic nation like Germany? It’s baffling… how can such a thing ever take root?

Man, it seems that every day it’s becoming harder and harder to not truly become an anti-American. And, you don’t know how much that breaks my heart.

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