To Brainless Anti-Smokers 2=6,000…de-la- politique

If you can understand French, watch the video above. If you can’t, here’s a partial translation of the gist of it:

…I said to myself: “It is strange that people have been smoking nearly 400 years and have only just discovered that smokers kill en masse 6,000 people per annum.” I wanted to find out about this story of 6,000 deaths, that all the French endlessly repeat as if they have an audio cassette stuck in their mouths. I spent all January studying the question of tobacco, neglecting the work that pays my rent. The more I dug, the more astonishing things I discovered. That they had arrived at this figure of 6,000 deaths by adding 5,000 smokers. But with passive smoking it is nonsmokers who inhale the smokers tobacco smoke. There thus remained 1,007 dead, the majority of whom were due to passive smoking at home. Of these 1,007, only 107 were due, according to this study, to passive smoking at work. The number of potential deaths in places of hospitality was 6, or rather 2 true nonsmokers, as Professor Molimard in the video explains. It was these 2 deaths which obliged all the places of hospitality to drive smokers outside.

Typical anti-smoking rubbish – If the numbers don’t say what you want them to say, no problem! Just arbitrarily add digits!

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