The Open and Shut Case Against the Anti-Smokers – In Simplest Terms

Here it is:

When was the last time second hand smoke wiped out upwards of eleven-million people in an act of attempted genocide? When was the last time second hand smoke, en masse, targeted entire ethnic groups for extermination via ovens and gas chambers? When was the last time second hand smoke caused a world war that killed millions of men, women and children?

Now, when was the last time fascism was responsible for loosing such vile and evil acts upon the world?

So, who’s side do you really want to be on?

Trust me! Second hand smoke is healthier than first hand fascism. I can promise you that second hand smoke will never slap a yellow star on your chest and load you on to a rail-car destined for some death camp.

If you stand by and do nothing while a fascist mentality once again gains a foothold in our society, I can not make that same promise regarding the anti-smokers and their ilk.

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