In Mirror-World most people are left-handed. And, everyone is exactly half as far away from you as they actually appear. This, of course, greatly increases your chances of bumping into someone. According to the inverse square law, in Mirror-World, you are actually at four times the risk of bumping into someone as you are here on Earth. The really spooky thing is that because of this, as you increase your distance from someone, your chances of bumping into them also increases. The really, really spooky thing is that for some reason, even though all of that is true, collisions in Mirror-World are actually no more common than they are here. Strange isn’t it?

Mirror-World is a messed up place. It has baffled scientists for centuries.

Another bizarre aspect of Mirror-World is its entry portals. Nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has yet been able to figure out a way to pass through one these portals – thus gaining entrance to Mirror-world. However, these portals allow us a look in to this alternate dimension. Surprisingly enough, past observation has shown that Mirror-World largely resembles our own world to a very high degree. But, the portals themselves are strange indeed. Even though they seem like perfectly clear sheets of a glass-like material, people still commonly report that they appear to them to be silver in colour. How can that be? How can an entirely transparent substance appear to possess the property of colour? Don’t even try to think about it! A person could go mad attempting the contemplate the high-strangeness of Mirror-World!

Rumor has it that if you were to attempt to cross through one of these portals and enter into Mirror-World, you’d run a very high risk of actually shattering the portal. If this occurs it is said that you will receive seven years of bad luck. (unless you have a good lawyer) The exact mechanism for this is not understood. However, it’s suspected that the inhabitants of Mirror-World practice Voodoo, are vindictive by nature, and don’t like having their portals shattered. This is possibly due to the fact that all forms of written language in Mirror-World is printed in reverse — which, of course, makes it practically unreadable. Because of this, it would seem that inhabitants of Mirror-World have a lot more free time than we do; which they enjoy spending peering into our world from their side of the portal. So, if you were to shatter one of these portals, that basically translates into less viewing opportunities for the Mirror-World folk.

In fact, it is now believed that one of the primary pastimes of the inhabitants of Mirror-World is to hang around just outside of rooms that contain one or more of these portals, waiting for one or more of us to come into viewing distance of the portal. When we do, they either stare at us intently through the portal, or they act as if they’re just going about their business and aren’t really interested in us at all. The latter is humorous to the Mirror-World people. When they do this they are having fun with us. They get much enjoyment from playing this joke. However, you can often easily tell that they are faking their disinterest, because you can often catch them sneaking the odd glance at you through the portal. The truth is, however, the Mirror-world people are hopelessly infatuated with us. They always have been. They love looking at us.

Mirror-World people are strange.

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