The Surete du Quebec (qpp/qpf) is a Lying, Criminal Organization.

CFRA reports:

“The Surete du Quebec has admitted that three undercover officers were among the protestors at this week’s North American Leader’s summit in Montebello, Quebec.

However the police force denies there was any attempt to provoke protesters into violence.

Officials say the officers were instructed to locate protesters who were not peacefully demonstrating in an effort to prevent any violent incidents.”

Yeah, right! The QPP obviously thinks you’re stupid.

Why were they carrying rocks? Were they carrying rocks for peace keeping purposes? Why were they dressed as protesters who are regularly associated with violent protest? Why weren’t they simply dressed in plain clothes? If their intentions were noble, then why did the QPP deny they were cops until they just couldn’t deny it anymore?

This action by the QPP was an intentional attempt to undermine the Canadian citizen’s right to peaceful assembly and dissent. These were CRIMINAL actions on the part of the Surete du Quebec. They were attempting to incite violence. If you or I did that, we would immediately be arrested for it. The officers involved appear guilty of following orders to commit criminal actions against the citizenry. The officers involved are CRIMINALS.

If the criminal thugs that is the QPP wants to save face, then they need to offer up to the public the identities of these three officers, plus any senior officers who were responsible for issuing the order. At the very least these people should lose their jobs, if not stand trial for their crimes.

If the QPP isn’t made to feel very real and very strong consequences for these actions, it won’t get any better – it’ll only get worse. These jack-booted thugs can not be allowed to get away with this sort of thing. People, in general, need to get MUCH more angry about this. This is what fascism looks like! This is what a police state looks like! This is the erosion of YOUR freedom we’re talking about!

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