Open Letter To Marcel Savard of the Surete du Quebec

Dear Mr. Savard,

Exactly what kind of idiots do you take the Canadian public for?

In your speech on the 25th of August, addressing the incident at the SPP protest in Montebello, ( located here:… ) you claimed that the police officers assigned to crowd control did not recognize the undercover officers, and therefore wrestled them to the ground so they could confirm their identities.

Is it standard practice, Mr. Savard, for police officers to gently take down masked protesters wearing make-shift body armor and carrying rocks which could be used as weapons, in the middle of a scene that is quickly becoming heated, and then calmly lead them away, while allowing them to remain wearing back-packs that could be concealing any manner of potentially dangerous device or substance?

If I were to don black attire, make-shift body armor, an identity concealing mask, a back-pack which could be concealing just about anything, and pick up a large rock at a protest, then approach the line of crowd control officers and claim that I was a fellow officer, could I expect the same treatment, Mr. Savard? Or, would I immediately be rushed, taken down, possibly pepper sprayed or batoned, and handcuffed before I got to within about 10 feet of the officers on duty? Which of those two scenarios should I expect to be more likely, Mr. Savard?

Also, are you trying to tell us that the odd, painted-on markings that these officers were wearing on their clothes, and that were seemingly unique to them among protesters, did not identify them as being police themselves to their fellow officers? Do you mean to tell us that undercover officers in the field have no way of immediately identifying themselves to other officers? There is no pre-agreed on protocol that all officers are advised of before going on duty? Perhaps some sort of code-word, or something?

It is my opinion Mr. Savard, that you are a liar and are complicit in covering up a criminal activity! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, and you ought to stand trial for your role in this crime against the people of this great nation.

Derek R. Audette

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