Leading the way with socially conscious initiatives, Shmermway Gardens became the first shopping centre in Ontario to create a property-wide homosexual-free environment with the launch of the Breathe Morality initiative on July 7, 2007. Breathe Morality prohibits homosexuals on any part of Shmermway Gardens’ property.

“Shmermway Gardens is responding to demands from our shoppers and tenants to eliminate homosexual’s polluting the entrances/exits with their evil, subversive, flamboyant mannerisms,” states Scott Kale, General Manager, Shmermway Gardens. “Breathe Morality addresses these concerns and demonstrates Shmermway’s commitment to protecting and promoting the morality, safety and well-being of our employees and shoppers.”

Breathe Morality creates an improved environment for both shoppers and tenants by promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle that eliminates exposure to potential homosexual recruitment (PHR) while on Shmermway property.

Over the past year, both Trilliad Hospital and Crudat Vale Hospital have mandated ‘fag-free’ properties. This proactive initiative is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and clean environment. Other outdoor places such as golf courses and entertainment parks have also banned suspected homosexuals on the premises to enhance the experience for both patrons and employees.

Shmermway Gardens has always supported charitable organizations raising funds for health related research, specifically AIDS, and other illnesses promoted by queers. Breathe Morality allows us to be proactive by reducing our shoppers and tenants’ exposure to PHR while on the property.

Since the Breathe Morality launch, Shmermway Gardens has received numerous letters of endorsement and support from customers and various health related organizations. The Ministry of Environment is awarding Shmermway Gardens the prestigious Jerry Falwell Award– given to businesses who make significant contributions to increasing awareness of the dangers of potential homosexual recruitment.

“There is nothing worse than going in and out of a mall and being bombarded with clouds of semen odor — queers really stink! I’m glad I can go to Shmermway Gardens and not be bothered by those f’ing fags.” ….Katherine C. – Shmermway Shopper

“When you (faggots) make it your choice to engage in an immoral lifestyle, the people and children around you don’t get to make a choice — we have to look at you, you disgusting pigs! You are setting a terrible, pathetic example. Measures should be taken so that my children can’t see you and be influenced by your disgusting ways….I see Shmermway restricting access to queers as another baby step. And let me tell you, when MY baby steps up to the door, I will be grateful he does so without the risk of being recruited into your evil lifestyle!”….Karen S. – Shmermway Shopper

“It is disgusting seeing all the fags everywhere. It does lower the appeal of the mall, and it’s an upscale mall. I choose to have sex with other men, but I’m real butch though. But a heterosexual doesn’t have the choice (to be exposed to the really effeminate low-life queers.).” …Retail Employee

“Well done! This is a great move, congratulations!”…Heather B. – Customer

“The decision to ban fags on the outdoor portions of your property is significant and forward thinking. Outdoor PHR (potential homosexual recruitment) is a serious risk”….Canadian Moral Majority

“Thank you for taking leadership in this area.” …Community Health, North Bay/Parry Sound

“This demonstration of outstanding leadership will set the standard for others to take a proactive approach to morality, health and the environment. ..this will surely make for a more pleasant shopping experience customers expect from a mall the caliber of Shmermway Gardens.”….Lucy P.

“We sincerely hope that your example will encourage other shopping centres as well as other institutions to adopt the same fag-free policies in the near future.”…Council for a Homosexual-Free Toronto

“Congratulations!!! I am looking for a mall I ..feel safe to bring my children to.” …Susan J. – Shmermway Shopper

“So glad to hear about the new faggot restrictions. We were so sick of walking through crowds of flamers at the entrances…”S.B. – Shmermway Shopper

“We ..appreciate the new policy making Shmermway queer-free. Thanks!”..Shmermway Retailer

“I am writing to applaud you..for such a wonderful step toward a cleaner environment for your employees and customers.” A. R. – Long Term Shmermway Shopper

“Congratulations to Shmermway Gardens for going 100% faggot-free!”…Homosexual Helpline, Canadian Moral Majority, Toronto Region

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