Louie Savva is an Irrational, Delusional Idiot!

Wow! Louie Savva is an idiot! I never really realized before exactly how dumb he actually is. First, he makes an argument from proclamation, based on the impossibility of being able to quantify unknown quantities: “There is no god.” God as an extant being is an unknown quantity – we have no empirical data which argues either for, or against. Therefore, Savva is either claiming himself omniscient, or claiming he has the paradoxical ability to quantify unknowns – either way he’s delusional, irrational, and/or stupid.

Then, he tersely, and with strong conviction, proclaims that he finds something someone said to be offensive, then proceeds to insult and offend a huge population of people with a sweeping generalization, and then claims he doesn’t care about offending them. (So why should anyone care about offending Savva then? Especially since he’s just adequately demonstrated a staggering degree of complete irrationality. And, if he doesn’t think anybody should care, then what was the point of bringing it up?!?!?!)

THEN, he tries to add weight to his original proclamation by making an appeal to authority – a logical fallacy. And, as if that on its own isn’t bad enough, it’s an appeal to a FALSE authority to boot! He offers, as a backing to his claim: “Most scientists say outright there is no god, there is no afterlife…” Firstly, if he knew anything about science, he’d know that consensus opinion doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in science – whether its consensus among scientists, or anyone else. If EVERY scientist in the world was of the opinion that the sky was red, the sky WOULD STILL BE BLUE! That’s why appeals to authority are logical fallacies – consensus opinion is entirely useless in forming a conclusion – no matter what group the consensus is held by.

Secondly, it’s even an appeal to a FALSE authority! Because, scientists aren’t authorities regarding the likelihood of the existence of God, or any sort of continuation of awareness after physical death. How much time does the average scientist spend throughout their academic and professional careers looking at empirical data arguing whether god exists, or if there’s an afterlife or not? How much time do they spend engaged in rigorous, scientific experimentation of such? If a geologist says “There is no God” it carries just as much weight as if your plumber says it. Any scientist who does state such is stating OPINION based on a subjective belief. They are not offering expert testimony. If a scientist says “God doesn’t exist!” he is making the claim in the same capacity a religious person makes the claim “God does exist!” He’s not making the claim based on scientific finding. However, Savva doesn’t seem to be intelligent enough to either recognize this fact, or if he does, doesn’t seem able to recognize the significance of it.

And, lastly, Savva seems horribly confused even regarding HIS OWN OPINIONS! He says: “Look, if you want to believe there’s an afterlife, that’s fine. It’s childish and it’s infantile…” So, what? Savva thinks “it’s fine” for adults not suffering from some unfortunate mental disorder to believe in childish and infantile things? I certainly don’t think that. I happen to think that if an adult believes in childish and infantile things, then their brain is likely either malfunctioning in some way, or they’re just not very smart – and neither of those things are “fine” at all. Obviously Savva doesn’t feel this way at all, otherwise… why exactly is he getting so hot under the collar about it? He either doesn’t actually believe that it’s childish and infantile, or he believes it’s perfectly fine to believe in childish and infantile things. Which is it Louie? If it’s the former, then you’re a liar, and if it’s the latter, then you’re stupid. So, which?

Make no mistake – I have very, very, very little doubt that Acorah is anything but an outright fraud. But, at least he seems to possess some modicum of common sense. He might be immoral, but he’s not stupid. Louie Savva, on the other hand, has just demonstrated that he’s just an out-and-out moron – wholly irrational, and possibly delusional. And, of course, that’s just really sad. If I ever found myself intellectually bested by the likes of Derek Acorah, I think I’d probably just put a bullet in my head and be done with it all.

And, people, get ready for this: Savva’s currently working on a PhD! Can you believe that? How does a person obviously as dim and unscientific as this have any hope of ever actually getting a PhD? Have PhD degrees actually become entirely meaningless and pointless? Well… apparently Savva believes this to be the case, because he thinks “Everything is pointless.” Which also means that he believes all of his own opinions to be pointless as well. So, if he’s arguing them, he’s doing so with full realization and acceptance that he’s pointlessly arguing opinions that are in themselves admittedly pointless. But, he expects us to pay attention to his opinions, which he himself admits are pointless!?!?! Wow! Yeah! That’s one government certified, grade-“A” genius right there! THAT’s a man you should be listening to! …yeah, right.

Think about what Savva is saying in context with his own beliefs when he expresses his opinions in that video. He’s saying: “I have an opinion on something, but I admit that this opinion of mine is entirely pointless. Nevertheless, I believe my opinion, which is without any point, is actually true — although even if it is true, the fact that it’s true is pointless. I also believe that it’s pointless for you to share my pointless opinion which is also pointless for me to even have in the first place. But, here’s my opinion, pointless as it may be: It’s childish and infantile to believe in a god and an afterlife. Now, you should believe me… even though it’s pointless to do so. Nevertheless, I’m right”

And then, I challenge you to direct me to a bigger idiot, anywhere! He’s actually saying “My opinion is pointless, and it’s pointless for you to believe it… but, you should!” This man’s brain DOES NOT FUNCTION! End of story!

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