Can The Government Keep Secrets?

Time and time again, when involved in discussion or debate regarding various conspiracy-esque topics, I hear something along the lines of: “It can’t be true, because the government can’t keep a secret.”

Well, allow me to set the record straight on this: If you ever say something similar to the above during the process of debate, YOU LOSE. Got it? You’ve shown your ignorance and stupidity and adequately demonstrated a clear inability to grasp reality. You have shown yourself to be an entirely delusional person. And, any debate with the delusional is an exercise in futility. So, debate over. You lose. Go home.

Human governmental apparatus of all types, and as a whole, have well over four-thousand years of practice and experience at learning how to keep secrets. The U.S. government is the most sophisticated and scientifically advanced government in the history of mankind, and they, as a functioning body, have over two-hundred years of experience and practice at keeping secrets. Multiple U.S. government institutions have been set up whose main purpose is to learn how to get secrets from other governments, learn how other governments keep their secrets secret, and then apply what they’ve learned to acquiring those secrets. This sort of constant, hard-studied behavior tends to teach you a thing or two about how to best keep secrets yourself.

Untold billions of dollars, and countless man-hours have gone into practical, sociological, psychological and technological research aimed at learning how to best keep people from learning information that the government doesn’t want them to learn, and how, if that information is per-chance learned in spite of all efforts, to keep people from accepting true information as being true. Or, influencing them in accepting false, misdirecting information as being true.

All of this history, all of these resources, all of this practice and study, did not result in a machine that is really bad at keeping secrets. It resulted in a machine that is really good at keeping secrets. You just don’t know it. And, you don’t know it for that very reason – it’s really good at keeping secrets. One of its best kept secrets is exactly how good it is at keeping secrets.

If you make the claim that governments can’t keep secrets, then you must, by force of logic, be a holocaust denier. After all, we didn’t find out about that secret until we tore down the government that was keeping it and it simply didn’t exist anymore to actively keep the secret. You also must, by force of logic, believe that the Manhattan Project never really occurred. Nobody knew about that until the government keeping the secret decided, on its own, to come clean. I suppose all those stealth aircraft flying around Iraq right now are just figments of my imagination too, huh? The U.S. government kept stealth aircraft secret for thirty years before unveiling the F-117A in 1988.

If you think that the government can’t keep secrets, then you’re delusional, or stupid – pick one. Time and time and time again we see evidence of secrets long and well kept that finally come to light only because the government decided to let us in on it, the government stopped caring that it was a secret, or, in rare cases, it accidentally leaked out due to a series of unforeseen circumstance.

If the government’s version of events are true, then the government kept the Roswell project mogul crash secret for 47 years! And, all that was an unclassified, insignificant, unimportant, pile of rubber, tin-foil and wooden sticks! They had absolutely no reason whatsoever to keep that crash secret – but they did, effectively, for three years short of a half century. And, the only reason we know about it now is because they just decided one day to let us in on it. Just imagine how well they can keep secrets regarding things that they actually have a reason to keep secret!

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