Atheists Have No Common Sense.

I was having a discussion with an Atheist earlier when, because of something he said, I had a revelation: You can’t be an atheist and have any “common sense.” I never realized this before.

If you’re an atheist, you must abandon common sense. If you claim the authority of common sense, you must abandon atheism. Atheism necessarily goes against common sense — Atheism and common sense are logically mutually exclusive.

Here’s how it came about: The Atheist with whom I was having a discussion made the assertion that if you apply rules of science, logic and “common sense” to the question “Is there a god?”, atheism is the only reasonable conclusion.

Along with explaining to him that the idea that the application of logic and science would necessarily bear out that conclusion was highly debatable, I responded with this:

“Common sense” says there is a god. Like it or not, atheists MUST abandon “common sense” in order to claim their position. The “common” qualifier dictates that the authority of “common sense” is derived from consensus opinion. The atheist philosophy, world-wide, is still in the minority. So, it is an indisputable fact that one can not be an atheist and still hold to any thread of common sense. Common sense and atheism are entirely incompatible.

Not that I am, as of yet, willing to assert any sort of meaning regarding it. But, it would appear to be indisputable that all atheists have abandoned common sense in forming their views. I suppose, at best, it can be said that atheists, by definition, don’t possess as much common sense as theists do.

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