A Lot of People are Stupid and Pathetic

Y’know when some people refer to certain other people as “sheep”? Do you want to see exactly who they are referring to?

What’s *really* scary isn’t that they don’t know what women’s suffrage is — that is somewhat pathetic to be sure, but it’s a long dead issue and these people are fairly young. It hasn’t really been important or pressing in any way since their great-grandparents were in college. The young women in this video probably haven’t had much of a need to be aware of it in their lives. What is *really* scary to me is the fact that they will sign their name to just about anything — without thought; without consideration. That’s nuts. I mean, really, really nuts. Think about it. That could have been a document with the potential for real negative effect… and, they just sign it… because someone asked them to. They lend their name and support to any old thing because someone asked them to, so what the hell?

Crazy! THAT’s why these people are ‘sheep’. No thought. No consideration. No care. Sheep.

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