We’re Buying a New House…

Show of hands – how many people own their own home? Ok, quite a few of you. Now, put your hand down if you’re still paying on a mortgage. Alright, not so many of you have your hands up anymore. Now… of the people who still have their hands up, how many of you don’t pay property taxes? None of you? Well, what do you think would happen if you just stopped paying your property taxes? What? You think that they’d actually take your property away from you? Well, you’re right. But, how many other things do you “own” which require you to make regular payments to someone else in order to keep in your possession?

The fact of the matter is, you absolutely do not own your own home. And, you never will. Your home and your land is owned by the Crown and you are granted license of use, and “A” say in who takes over that license after you. That is, of course, as long as you keep playing by their rules, and they don’t want your property for some other purpose. In Canada, in order to actually own your own home, you must possess something called an “allodial title” to the property. And, the government absolutely refuses to grant allodial title to anyone other than First Nations groups. (And even then it’s a  heavily modified allodial title, and always granted to groups and never individuals.)

In fact, in Canada, the allodial title to almost all personal property (yours included) is held by the Crown, and they grant you something called a “fee simple” title.  A fee simple title DOES NOT grant you ownership over the property. You are paying, or have paid, mortgage on a property that you will absolutely never own. You are basically paying out all of this money for little more than the privilege of being allowed to *think* that you own it.

Fact is: you’re a peasant. And, peasants are not allowed to own property. Only nobility is allowed to own property. Because, of course, ownership of property is empowering — it goes a long way to remove the dependence of the peasantry on the nobles. You’re just allowed to *think* that you own your own property because as long as the peasants think that they have the ability to own property they are much less likely to revolt. But, they don’t actually own the property — they just have the privilege of paying huge amounts of mortgage, property taxes and upkeep expenses on property that the crown never actually relinquishes from their possession. They do this in exchange for the ability to live on that property for as long as THE CROWN allows it. And, it doesn’t matter how much money you make — nobility is passed by blood and title, not merely by wealth. The Crown is nobility. Who wears “crowns”? Royalty wears crowns. Believe it or not, social status in this country is still ultimately dictated by royal bloodline. If you’re not of the royal bloodline, or have been granted royal title by someone of a royal bloodline, then you’re a peasant. This is the “Dominion of Canada.” Look up the word “Dominion.” We’re supposed to *think* that this is a sovereign nation, ruled by the people but it isn’t. Canada is the Dominion of the Royal family. We are living under a monarchy. Any other notions you might have regarding the nature of governing power in this country is an illusion — purposefully set up in order to keep you, the peasantry, sedate.

In Canada, not only is allodial title never granted to the common peasantry, but we also live under the rule of “eminent domain” (more commonly called “expropriation” in Canada) The rule of eminent domain clearly states that ALL property not granted under allodial title remains the property of the Crown under any and all circumstances. And, at any time, for any reason that strikes their fancy, without any justification, or even explanation needed, they can simply nullify any granted deed (this, of course, includes any fee simple title — the title under which you “own” your property.)

Of course, the nobility is still pretty fearful of a revolt, so, in this country, the Supreme Court has ruled that under eminent domain, the Crown must provide fair compensation of any expropriations. That means that they can still take your property away from you at any time, and for whatever reason, and there’s nothing whatsoever that you can do about it. But, if they decide to do that, they’ll be nice and pay you the fair market value for it. Of course, that rule can be revoked at any time. By whom? By the Justices. Whose authority is vested in them by whom? By the Crown. Wonderful, huh? It’s a monarchy — the Crown (read: the Royal family) is the only entity with any real power in this country. Any other forms of apparent power is merely granted by the Crown, or is entirely illusory — being allowed to exist by the Crown for the purpose of deceiving the peasantry.

The wonderful fairness of fair compensation wasn’t always in place though. In Ottawa, the entire area known as the Central Experimental Farm was expropriated from farmers in the early part of this century. The Crown just went in and said “Hey farmers! All of this land that you own here… get off of it! We’re taking it from you!” And, they didn’t pay the farmers a cent. Not one penny. Then, about 15 years ago or so, the Crown sold off a huge chunk of that property to real estate developers who built housing developments on it. How much of the sale price do you think the families of the original farmers got in that deal? Yeah… a big fat ZERO! And, of course, the people who then bought houses on that property, bought their houses under a fee simple title.

So, it went like this: The Crown originally owned the land. They originally sold it to farmers under fee simple titles. When they wanted the land for something else, they simply took it from the farmers. The farmers got nothing from the Crown — they didn’t even get a refund of their original purchase price. They paid that money, and now it was gone, and the Crown took the land back without reimbursing them. The Crown then used the land for their own purposes for as long as they felt like it. And, when they didn’t need the land anymore, they sold it AGAIN to new people, who also, even though they paid large amounts of money for it, DON’T ACTUALLY OWN IT!

The truth is — the ownership of property is a manufactured illusion. You’re a peasant and peasants aren’t allowed to own property. Nothing has changed in thousands of years. It’s just that, quite a long time ago, peasants started to get pretty pissed that they weren’t allowed to own anything, so they started having uprisings. They began to realize that there were many more peasants than nobles, and they started to try and take properties from the nobility.

This absolutely could not be allowed however. The nobles need the peasants to fight wars for them and do other things that peasants don’t generally like doing. And, why would a peasant ever do these things? Why would a peasant put up his or her very life to fight some war that will only serve to benefit some rich guy? Why? Because the peasants are dependent on the nobles. The noble owns the peasant’s land — the land that the peasant works in order to support himself and his family. If the peasant doesn’t want to fight the Noble’s war for him, the noble boots him off of the land,and the peasant and his family starve and die. If the peasant actually owns his own land, then when the noble calls on him and says “Go and send your sons off to war,so that my kingdom might grow in wealth and power!” The peasant will say to the noble: “Fuck you, noble! What’s in it for me? I’ve got my land here. I work it and it provides me with everything I need to support myself and my family. I own it so you can’t make me leave – it’s mine! So, to hell with you and your stupid war! Go fight it yourself!”

So, the nobles find themselves with a real problem: The peasants can’t be allowed to own land because that would grant the peasants too much power. But, if the peasants don’t own land, they get really angry and begin killing nobles. What’s to be done? The ingenious solution: Set up a system that fools the peasants into thinking that they actually own land when, in fact, they actually don’t.

Everything’s a fucking illusion. It’s still the Royal bloodlines that have been in place for thousands of years that still own and control everything — including you. A growing sophistication among the peasantry has merely forced them to set-up these illusions in order to keep the population deceived and docile.

So… why am I buying a new house? I really have no fucking idea.

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