Michelle Malkin is Such an Idiot

On a recent appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Faux News, Michelle Malkin “dared” Rosie O’Donnell to invite the editors of Popular Mechanics on to Rosie’s talk show. She later suggested that O’Donnell should handout copies of the book by Popular Mechanics: “Debunking 9/11 Myths.”

If Malkin had half a brain in her head, and if she really cared about this issue, she would know that the editors of Popular Mechanics have stopped doing interviews – actually going so far as to pull out of already scheduled interviews – with any party that is at all critical of their article. They began this policy after a string of embarrassing incidents of having their asses handed to them, being thoroughly exposed, and being forced to furiously back peddle on a number of their arguments, by a number of interviewers that didn’t just blindly swallow their story. When questioned and scrutinized, the 9/11 piece falls down completely on its own merits – the editors of Popular Mechanics know this, and have run away and hidden.

One of the more notable examples of an editor from Popular Mechanics being exposed as having no argument is an appearance on the Charles Goyette show. That particular interview can be listened to here:


I don’t think Rosie O’Donnell really needs to have the editors of Popular Mechanics on her show, because I just don’t think that yet another example of having their arguments exposed as having no legs to stand on is at all necessary.

So, Michelle Malkin: Shut the fuck up! You’re an idiot. You hate America. You don’t support the troops. And, you’re a friend of the terrorists. So just shut the fuck up.

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