Cowardly, Criminal, Low-Life Cops

This sort of thing HAS to stop NOW! This incident happened last November, and these jack-booted, criminal, Nazi, cowardly, low-life, piece of human waste cops aren’t even in jail yet!

The person in the video was first tazed for the crime of not having any ID on him. After the first tazing, he was handcuffed and was tazed a further 5 times for not doing as he was told. At no time does he become violent or physically abusive toward the police. Other people present were threatened with being tazered for asking for the officer’s identification.

Just remember… if ever you think you’re still living in free society, remember: No matter how calm you are, no matter how passive you are, no matter how incapable you are in presenting a physical threat, not doing what you’re told, as soon as you’re told to do it, is an offense immediately punishable by the use of potentially deadly force! No trial, no jury – just ZAP!

Do something about this! Petition your government to put serious restrictions on the use of tazers by the police! It should be absolutely required that an independent investigation is carried out EVERY time an officer discharges their tazer. Fight for this, before you someday feel the crushing blow of 50,000 volts coursing through your body because you happened to run into a cop that’s having a bad day, or because you didn’t happen to say “Yes sir! Right away sir! Whatever you say sir!” quite quickly enough for a police officer’s liking.

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