YAY For The Supreme Court of Canada! BOO For Right-Wing Bone-Heads!

The utter idiocy of the far-right never ceases to amaze me. It strains belief — it really does. They’re fuckin’ retarded — they really are.

Get this:

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada actually showed that there just might be some hope for us yet. In this time of rampant fear-mongering, hysteria and paranoia-du-jour, the Supreme Court actually showed that they do indeed still have heads on their shoulders, and that those wonderful Santa Claus get-ups that they like to wear are more likely the result of an honest fashion faux paux than the result of any serious, biologically rooted, cognitive deficiencies on their part.

Yes, in an act of ultra-common sense, the Supreme Court of Canada actually found that it’s probably not a good idea for the government to have the power to hold “someone” who is suspected of “something” indefinitely without letting anyone (including the “someone” being held) know what it is that they are suspected of, and being held for. Makes sense, no? …well, it should, to anyone with half a freakin’ brain in their skulls!

I mean, it’s not difficult to figure out is it? Most countries that have existed throughout history, where such activity, which the Supreme Court of Canada has just ruled against, is the norm, have been pretty unpleasant places to live. Most countries that have employed enforced, legal restrictions against such activities have been relatively nice places to live. The ability for a government to engage in such action is usually seen as nothing short of a defining characteristic of such horrid places as Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, or even Iraq under Baathist rule. Countries that employ strict limitations on such abilities by the government bring to mind places like Canada, pre-Bush U.S.A., The U.K., certain Scandinavian countries, etc. — I.e. places that put real value in silly things like liberty, human rights, freedom, and real security, well-being, and general feelgooditude an livewelliness of the people.

I mean, it’s just common sense, isn’t it? Nobody with half a brain in their head, who wasn’t either a hopeless, deluded paranoid mess, or had a severe hate-on for individual liberty and freedom, could honestly believe that the choice to keep the government from the ability to wield such gross, unfettered, unchecked power over the people and their freedoms and liberty is a bad thing right? Anyone claiming such a thing would have to either be a moron, or just plain crazy, right?

None the less, there seems to be many on the right that are upset with this ruling! They are venting their displeasure on right-wing blogs such as: Canadian Blue Lemons, Civitatensis, Dr. Roy, Mesopotamia West, and others.

I’m afraid that this might be it. Tolerance, itself, of these far-right wacko nut-bars may no longer be tolerable. There can be no further question: These people are retarded, dangerous, paranoid, deluded, fear-mongering, peace loathing, freedom hating psychos! I fail to see how any reasonable, rational, intelligent person can, with a straight face, argue the opposite any longer. These people don’t just hold a differing opinion — they hold an IDIOTIC opinion. Some opinions aren’t just merely an alternative opinion, deserving of just as much respect as any other, some opinions are STUPID opinions that just don’t deserve to be taken seriously. And, some of these stupid opinions are so stupid that those holding them are deserving of contempt and ridicule. These people pose a very real threat to our very way of life. There can be no further denials: Their vision of a Utopian Canada is based on a model of the tyrannical banana republic, ruled by the sole authority of El Presidente himself. They are sick. They need help. They are dangerous. They are ignorant. They are uninformed. They are a blight. I can not see how a thinking person can any longer argue otherwise.

…by the way… I now own the domain ‘TheRightWingSucks.Com’ What should I do with it?

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