BBC Reported the Collapse of WTC-7 20 Minutes Before The Building Actually Fell.

20 minutes or so before World Trade Center Seven collapses, the BBC goes live to report that it had already fallen!

I tried to post the Google video of the BBC broadcast, but Google pulled the video minutes after it had been uploaded. I then found a copy on Youtube, but that was also pulled shortly after.

Not to fear though! A friend of mine sent me a copy that he had gotten from somewhere, and I uploaded it to the Audette-O-Blog server.

In the video you’ll see the BBC reporter reporting on the very recent collapse of WTC building 7 (Also known as the Salomon Brothers Building) But, there’s one small problem… the building is plainly visible, STILL STANDING, behind her!

Can you imagine the embarrassment of the BBC when the building they are in the middle of reporting has already collapsed comes tumbling own behind the reporter as she’s reporting it, on live T.V.?

Of course, that last part never happened. Why? Because the the live feed to the reporter was conveniently lost prior to the actual fall of the building.

EDIT: Since posting this article I have found another working version that someone has uploaded to Google Video. I’ll post that version below, as someone has superimposed helpful text captions on the video at certain places. However, I’ll keep the version hosted on my server live as well, just in case this new Google version gets pulled as well.

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