“Aqua Teen Hunger Force” Boston “Hoax Bombers” Ridicule the Fear Junkie Media

I love these guys! Listen to the subtext of the media-whore’s crys of “Are you not taking this seriously?” It’s saying: “Guys! Your attitude is not at all conducive to the promotion of fear and hysteria that we are working for here!”

“Are you not taking this seriously?” … What the fuck? Why in the fuck SHOULD ANYONE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY? There’s nothing “serious” about it! It’s a farce! It’s hysteria! It’s fucking NONSENSE! An entire city practically comes to a stand still because of irresponsible, irrational fear-mongering promoted by the media, based on a spoon-fed fantasy of invisible spooks, and we’re supposed to take it seriously? The whole problem is that people DID take it seriously! THAT’S THE FUCKING PROBLEM!

The only things that are truly “serious” about this entire event are the graphic display of just how badly the media has failed us, how useless and dangerous they have become as a group, and how hysterical, irrational and down-right fucking gullible a huge section of the general populace has become.

The concerns regarding hairstyles of the 1970s carry every bit as much gravitas as what is going on with this fiasco. If you don’t see that, then you killed Jesus, you hate America, and you’re on the side of the terrorists!

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