Why Most People Who Refuse to Question the Government’s Involvement in 9/11 are Wack-Job, Nut-Cases.

So, there I was, engaged in conversation with one of those “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists!” type of imbeciles. He made it well known that he held great contempt and disgust for anyone who would even dare to hint that there might be a possibility, no matter how remote, that anyone at all, even loosely associated with any aspect of the American government, may have possibly had a hand in planning and/or carrying out the September 11th attacks.

He went on at great length, and with terrible anger in his voice, about “idiot, hair-brained, conspiracy theorists,” and how he found such talk, and such people, to be wholly disgusting. And, he explained how he took such talk, and such suggestions, as a personal affront.

“You’ve got to be crazy to believe that shit!” He shouted. “Keep your crazy, tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theories to yourself! It’s insulting to have to listen to that crap! And, it’s an insult to the victims and their families!”

He was very passionate. And, he’s not the only person that I’ve ever met with such views. Oh no! I’ve met many! Droves of them in fact.

And, I feel a little sorry that I always seem to end up destroying their world, simply by uttering 10 little words:

“What was it that convinced you of the official story?”

I asked this person that question after he had completed his rant. His first response was: “Huh? What do you mean?” So, I elaborated for him:

Me: “You seem pretty passionate about the fact that the official story of what took place on 9/11 is entirely accurate. I don’t see how, if there is any question at all in your mind as to who the responsible parties for the orchestration and execution of the event are, you could be so stern in your assertion that anybody raising questions about a possible government involvement is ‘crazy.’ So, there must have been something, or a number of things, that convinced you as to who, exactly, were the responsible parties. So, what were those things?”

Him: “Well, It’s just crazy to think the government would have something to do with it!”

Me: “So, your contention is that it was one-hundred percent the doing of crazy, extremist, Muslim terrorists with no ties to the American government, and operating completely free of any sort of intentional influence from anyone associated with the American government?”

Him: “Yes.”

Me: “And, what convinced you of this? I mean, that’s certainly the official story. But, what I want to know is: What convinced you that this is an accurate account? What piece of information, or pieces of information, besides the fact that you were just told that’s what happened, upon your personal review told you: ‘Yes! Of course this is the way it happened!’ That’s what I’m looking for. What was that information?”

Him: “Ummm, well, you’d have to be crazy to think the government was involved!”

Me: “Ok. We’ve established that this is your contention. But, what, other than simply being told what to think about it, brought you to this conclusion?”

Him: “Well, for one, we know that the buildings came down exactly as the official story says, so it’s silly to think it was a controlled demolition or anything. Thousands of engineers have studied what happened, and they all agree. So, science tells us not to believe in the conspiracy nonsense.”

Me: “Oh. I see. And, can you give me the names of one of those engineers or scientists, so I can look up their work for myself?”

Him: “Well, I don’t know their names… but, their work is out there.”

Me: “Well, can you give me a brief summation of one of the papers you’ve read from one of these engineers, or scientists, that convinced you of the official story?”

Him: “Well, I didn’t really read any papers…”

Me: “You didn’t read any? But, you just said that ‘Thousands of engineers had studied it’ So, how do you know what their conclusions were? And, even if that work does exist, and that was indeed their findings, then how, exactly, does that do anything to negate the possibility of government involvement?”

Him: “…”

Me: “I think that what you’re telling me is that you have no evidence whatsoever that the official account is accurate. You’ve apparently just swallowed what you’ve been told to swallow and will hear nothing of any possibilities that threatens your nice, safe world view. Am I right?”

Him: “No. Umm, you’re the one that’s buying into all this crazy conspiracy stuff! You’re the crazy one, not me.”

Me: “Can you give me any compelling, objective evidence that you used to form or verify your opinions regarding this matter?”

Him: “Well, only crazy people believe that conspiracy nonsense.”

Me: “So, what I’m hearing is that your opinions are formed from nothing more than ‘That’s how they say it happened, and for reasons that I can’t explain, and/or do not understand, I buy it completely and without question. And, any suggestion that what I’ve been told to accept may possibly be in error, causes me anger, disgust and/or frustration.’ And, that’s the entirety of it. Am I hearing you correctly?”

Him: “No. You’re just a conspiracy loon.”

Me: “Can you give me a valid reason as to why I should believe that what I am hearing you say isn’t an accurate representation of reality?”

Him: “‘Cause you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist?”

Me: “I’ll take that as a no.”

Him: “Oh brother! Take it as you want, nut-case!”

Me: “Hmmm, ok… so… I’m the crazy one because I question the official account of the events, and those questions are based on reams of evidence, available to anyone for review and scrutiny, that clearly suggest that the official version has real problems. But, you’re the sane one, because you’ve just swallowed a story that someone has fed to you, and you can provide absolutely nothing in the way of an explanation as to exactly why your version holds any sort of veracity whatsoever, nor provide any reasonable account as to why it is that you believe this story? Is that pretty much what you’re getting at?”

Him: “You’re a fucking idiot. Go back to your tin-foil hats, asshole!”

Me: “…and, you STILL believe that your mind is entirely your own?”

Just like most of those ‘types,’ they simply believe what they’ve been told to believe, and they have absolutely no idea why. When pressed, they can not provide an objective reason for why they believe what they do believe so passionatley. Of course, the reason why is because they no longer hold dominion over their own minds. Independent, critical thought has been efficiently trained out of them. Of course, they can’t even see their own handicap… they’ve been trained not to see it.

I know it can be frustrating, but you really have to pity these people. You should have compassion and understanding when dealing with such people. They are suffering a mental illness of sorts, and the very nature of their illness is such that it causes them to remain unaware of its existence. It’s no good just getting angry. It’s no good seeing them as the opponent. Reason, tempered with patience and understanding, is the cure for what afflicts them.

So, take pity on the whacko, nut-job ‘coincidence theorists’ – their brains are malfunctioning, they don’t know it, and it’s not their fault.

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