Acclaimed Canadian Recording Artist Drew Nelson Releases Fifth Career CD: 30 Odd Years

Summary: Drew Nelson, acclaimed recording artist and legendary figure of the Canadian blues music scene has announced the completion of his 5th career album “30 Odd Years” to be released on December 22nd, 2006 during a live performance held at the National Arts Center in Ottawa.

Drew Nelson - 30 Odd Years - CD cover


OTTAWA, ON — December 19th, 2006 — Capon Records announced today that Drew Nelson, the award winning Canadian recording artist, has released his 5th career album. This latest CD release, titled “30 Odd Years”, from the celebrated Canadian artist was recorded to commemorate the three decades he has spent enjoying a successful career as an acclaimed Canadian blues and rock performer.

Drew Nelson is currently enjoying a full career which has seen him receive a Juno award among his many acclamations. He is also known for his extensive work with Canadian blues icon Dutch Mason, and his original music has made a number of notable appearances in both television and film throughout the years. He is noted throughout the Canadian music scene for his singular talent as a slide-guitar player — taking home the “guitarist of the year” award at the 1991 Rock & Roll Music Awards in Ottawa.

30 Odd years promises to be Drew Nelson’s most exciting production yet. Produced by Drew Nelson himself, in conjunction with Ken Kanwisher of Teletune Studios, and Denis Clement (Both of whom also make featured appearances on the album) 30 Odd Years also features supporting performances by such notable musicians as Terry Owen and Ed Krul.

“The album’s title refers to the 30 odd years since my first paying gig. …I’m known mostly as a blues performer, [however] this disc reflects the wide variety of musical influences that I’ve been inspired by and enjoyed throughout my lifetime” Nelson said in a comment on the album.

Drew Nelson’s latest release “30 Odd Years” is available through Capon Records and at select music retailers. Preview sound clips are available for free download at the official Drew Nelson homepage located at: Http://DrewNelson.Ca where the CD is also available for purchase.

A live performance by Drew Nelson and his band on December 22nd, 2006 at the National Arts Center in Ottawa will celebrate the release of the new album. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.Ca, or through the N.A.C. box office.

For more information regarding Drew Nelson, the new release “30 Odd Years,” or the upcoming live performance, you can visit the artist’s official website at:


Or, Contact Capon Records at (613) 796-1362 [email protected] Http://CaponRecords.OttawaMusicScene.Com


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