Poets Who Don’t Know It

It’s amazing how sometimes people can come up with wonderful poetry and not even realize that they have. Sometimes I even get spam e-mails that contain small snippets of highly interesting, poetic verse. Of course, the creator never intended it as such — they simply intended it as a half-assed sales pitch.

But, what follows is a wonderful example. It is an ingenious piece of poetry that was published by a friend of mine to his blog. It wasn’t intended as poetry, but that’s what it is. It is immensely poetic, and he doesn’t even realize it. It’s wonderful. I wish I would have written it. Chew on this:

(The line breaks are mine, along with some very, very light editing.)

Friday and rain,
sort of depressing
there are worms dieing for no reason
I think I killed ten
while going out
to the car
this morning

worms suck and they stink

I wonder what goes through their mind
as they cross driveways —
going from lawn to lawn

and, what was wrong with the lawn they were in?

– W. T.

(Author’s name withheld, just because I’m not sure if he’d want it published as a poem or not.)

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