Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada – Why You’re a Raving Lunatic if You Listen to Anything they Say.

Physicians for a smoke free Canada

I’m sorry, I don’t have the Canadian statistics… but I’m sure the ratios (which is what is important to the point) are comparable to the U.S. statistics:

In the U.S., drunk drivers kill around 16,000 people per year.
In the U.S., every year, around 50,000 people die from second hand smoke. (yeah, right! ..but, I’m going by their numbers here)

In the U.S., 200,000 people die every year from taking prescription medication.
In the U.S., every year, 300,000 people die from medical malpractice.

…and, you’re going to listen to physicians about the dangers of smoking? They’re killing almost 1,000% MORE people every year than all of the smokers and drunk drivers combined! But it’s THEM that you trust to give you advice on what to do to stay healthy? Give me a freakin’ break!

Don’t be stupid — Don’t be an anti-smoker!

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