Intelligent Design – a Simple Analogy For Those That Don’t Yet Get It. And, a Message.

Lets say I go into a casino and begin playing black-jack. Lets say that I play all day — thousands of hands. And, lets say that through playing those thousands of hands, I get a 20 or 21 on better than, say, 80% of them. What do you think will happen? Am I going to walk out of that casino a rich man?

I actuality, I’m likely going to end up being escorted by security into a back room somewhere where I’ll be asked one heck of a lot of questions. The reason is because the casino owners will recognize that chance and the mechanics of the game, fairly played, doesn’t *seem* to be able to account for my winning streak — even though it is entirely possible that chance, within the mechanics of the game, may very well have been the only force at work. It is not impossible to play 1,000 hands of blackjack and get a 20 or better on 800 of them. It can happen. Nevertheless, the casino owners will recognize the appearance of the possibility of conscious will on my part exerting influence over the outcome of the game. And, they are going to try and find out if I was cheating or not. In fact, just from the numbers alone, before they ask me anything, they’ll be absolutely convinced that I was cheating. They’ll be absolutely, unshakingly convinced that the outcome of the game was by design on my part — an intelligent entity. They will be convinced that I exerted my conscious will and made an effort to bring about the outcome as it happened. Because, even though they currently have no proof, or any empirical evidence, it certainly *seems* that this is what ocurred.

I.D., in a very compact nutshell, is simply that. The universe *appears* to show design by some sort of intelligent agent. (nobody of sound mind argues this point) And, a number of Scientists feel that the mechanics of Darwinian evolution is insufficient to provide a complete picture of how life, as we know it to exist,  came to be on this planet. So, most people interested in I.D. are interested in finding out if there is an empirical method to determining the fingerprints of intelligent design — if indeed intelligent design actually does play a part. It’s pretty much as simple as that. And, there is absolutely NOTHING that is unscientific about that — NOTHING.

So, to those from the high-church of Darwin that point and laugh and cry “Heretic!” when someone mentions I.D. in any sort of context that is anything less than completely critical, here’s my message to you: I’m sorry that I.D. has been high-jacked by young-Earth creationists looking to use it to further their own agendas, the same way Darwinian evolution was high-jacked by the eugenics movement. But, tough-shit. That’s not MY problem. I’m sorry that your Darwinist dogma may be in trouble. But, tough-shit. That’s not my problem. I’m sorry if you feel there may be an uncomfortable paradigm shift coming. But, tough-shit. That’s not my problem. I’m sorry if the notion of I.D. threatens your nice, safe, little materialist world-view. Tough-shit. That’s not my problem. Deal with it!

I’m no young-Earth creationist, but I find the subject of I.D. wholly fascinating, and I’m going to continue to study it, research it and discuss it as much as I’m able. And, I’m going to encourage others to do the same. So, FUCK you! Go exercise your humanist, materialist, Darwinian, authoritarian, thought-police dogma of scientism somewhere else. I have no time for religious zealots.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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